Normally indivuals who take dirty shots at other players have lost their pyhsical skills and resort to cheap play. A.J. Gass
is another fine example of a guy who is at the end of thier career and the only way they can make a tackle is to resort to cheap shot towards the other player. If you recall last night, cheap shot to Mass and another to Ralph.

The League Officials should act on this matter as soon as possible.

On the Ti-Cat show (which really should be called the football show as they only dedicate about 10-15 minutes to the Ti-Cats) on CHML today, it was mentioned that they had talked to the league office and it is not for sure but there is a very strong possibility Gass will miss the rematch in Edmonton this Friday.

you can also add Cheatwood to that list.

Gaas is an innocent victim, according to this article from an Edmonton newspaper. Clearly AJ's "boot to the head" retaliation was not considered worthy of mention in the article.

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Edmonton/2006/09/17/1852969-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 9-sun.html[/url]

Well this was building all game,but if you had seen the play before it's easier to explain. The play before Maas was going down on one knee, at this point of the game you just go through the motions, but the edmonton dline did a bull rush and one of the linebackers (i don't know who) had punched a ticat in the facemask and then pushed him over one of the other linemen. There were no flags. So what do you think happen next play, Ralph went forward and blocked an edmonton player Gass come in and gave the kick to the head. Maybe if the refs handled the play before with flags, this kick to the head maybe would have happen who knows?

Well Good tough Football was played in Hamilton ,OK it was a dirty Swede kick .

Good rivalry,a real one weren't people saying things like well at least Gass won't try to injure our QB for once.

It was nice to see a real tough football game ,unlike that Argo game a few weeks ago.

here ya go

[url=http://s30.photobucket.com/albums/c335/ro1313/?action=view&current=VTS_01_1-1.flv]http://s30.photobucket.com/albums/c335/ ... 01_1-1.flv[/url]

Ralph went forward AT HIS KNEES and blocked …

Very important as to why Gass did what he did. That is considered just as cheap and the intention was to injure the lineman.
What ever happens to Gass should also happen to Ralph.
If Ralph was a man he would have taken him out in between plays.
Sorry , but I have no sympathy for Ralph here.

So in your mind what AJ did is justified! Is this AJ's job! Do you not think if Brock had done something illegal a penalty would be assessed! So Mr no Brains stomps on his head! Sorry this guy is lower then an animal! He needs to be sent packing! Worst linebacker I have ever seen in this league!

a couple of points please.

  1. in all my years of playing and watching football, i've never seen a play in which a quarterback takes a knee with time winding down (at most, eskies would have one second!) and have two or three lineman come barrelling over the top, to stop the clock, and really smash the quarterback. (i get it: now you are really playing hard football, with one second left ... very commendable....)
  2. brock ralph did block braidwood on the next play ... all he did was pick a player who weights 100 pounds more than him. and did you notice: he dove closer to his ankles than to his knees. a very legal block. and if big adam braidwood is complaining, well, what a wuss....
  3. i haven't seen a player kick anyone in this league since rocket ismail did it on the sidelines in calgary fifteen years ago. which means, i think, that gass should be suspended for at least one game.
    i've heard people/commentators say that gass is not a dirty player. i disagree. what he did to morreale two years ago was dirty: a blatant hit to the back to a player prone on the field. what was worse: not a tiger-cat came to morreale's aid.

here's hoping the league does the right thing: bye bye gass for at least a game. and maybe next year the eskimos can find someone to play middle linebacker who is a little more mobile, has a little more skill, can play the pass just a little bit,
who won't be an embarrassment to the league.

Legal block by Ralph, Gass was the same a-hole we all hate.

Do you think before you type Geoffrey. How can you justify a kick to the head?

"Time winding down" was not a sure thing. We took over the ball with 47 seconds left. There was a chance we would fail to run down the entire clock. We could run off 18 or 19 seconds prior to the snap on 2nd and 3rd down, which left us with about 10 seconds to run off during the actual plays. If Edmonton had been aggressive enough to get to our QB right away, they could have forced us to punt on 3rd down. We had no right to expect them to passively allow us to run off those vital seconds.

For the record ...yes I do.
He happened to ACTUALLY kick his hands that were extended above him while on his back. Watch it closely.

Ralphs intent was to injure.
Why else would he block the way he did under the circumstances.

"Stomped on his brains "


This year , Tim Cheatwood.

A.J. Gass, king of cheapshots and a major league a-hole to boot.

Wow you're a mind reader "Ralphs intent was to injure", and gass was saying look at my shoe size. The fact is gass kicked him if he kicked his hands or head is besides the POINT, he kicked a player that was down on the field. Pure gutless act.

perhaps but there was no kick to the head.
Did anyone actually watch the tape or is everyone jumping on the " linch Gass bandwagon" ?

BTW , our very own #49 is just as cheap.

Have you read some of the other post even esk fans on this site have said that the play before Briadwood (sic?) took a cheap shoot at Ralph and Maas, and that the kick was not call for at all.

You mean that vicious "push " of Ralph onto Maas? :oops:
Definately a player out of control. :lol:

BTW , I've look at the recording of the Ralph "block" "9" times and he does infact hit Briarwood in the right knee with his helmet and shoulder.