A.J. Gass threatening?

I was reading in the paper today about A.J Gass threatening to "get back at Brock" more or less for something that happened in a game last season. I can vaguely recall the "threat" from last year actually (EDIT: apparently it was just reprinted in the spectator today, my bad).

If he just wants to get him back on the field fine, thats awesome (for him anyways), nice competitive edge there. But my question is, if he delibratly takes some cheap shots at Brock during the game, should he not be banned completely from the CFL?

Because as I see it he's already got a bad reputation for breaking the rules as it is, now he's said he's going to "settle the score"? I hope for his sake he's just talking about getting him back by winning, because if somebody pre-emptively thinks about dirty play against a specific player, advertises it in the media, and then does it in the game, in my opinion they shouldn't be allowed to play football again, ever, no excuses.

I should probably have provided the link, here it is:


This is the part I didn't like, specifically:

"I'm glad we'll see him next week, so we can settle the score during regulation," Gass said at the time after accusing the Hamilton receiver of diving at the knees of Eskie defensive end Adam Braidwood in the closing minutes of the Cats' 26-22 victory.
See what I mean? Or am I overblowing it? I assume he means "settle the score" by winning the game... but with his past conduct, and considering what he's allegedly "settling the score" for, it makes me think its almost a threat to hurt him?

I'm not saying I know, or accusing him of planning anytihng, it just seems fishy to me.

Gass has his suspension hearing on Monday morning, he will be on his best behavior on Saturday night. I can’t see him trying to get even with Brock or trying anything stupid.
But you never know, he doesn’t seem too bright.

You do realize that the quote in the Spec was from last year? Gass hasn't uttered a word about Brock Ralph this year.

Oh whoops, my bad, thanks for the correction mightypope. I thought that Gass was STILL on Brock's case to this day, and was STILL advertising it in the media... which to me when your on a one game suspension seems a bit crazy. Nevermind, my bad.

I bet he will be on his best behaviour like mikem is saying, considering he has a suspension hearing coming up.

I read the article and I like what Ralph had to say "he's going there to win a football game" However if Gass takes a cheap shot on him I hope the appropriate penalty is handed out. I hope that the CFL excutive has taking notice of Gass's comments and have warned the officating staff to keep a close eye on him. I compare it to a pitcher in baseball delibately throwing at a batter. Automatic ejection. To me nothing would be better then Ralph making a big play and Gass hitting him late and getting thrown out again. That is as long as Brock pops right back up.

Gass will be non effective this game. Don't be surprised if he pulls up lame with a pulled something or other.

Gass is nothing but bag of hot Air..
I hate this guy
I Mean Really really Hate this guy
Mr Cheepshot Mr Bully ect ect
I hate AJ GASS.

Jessie and Hoggies will Run him Over Tomorow.

C'mon Tom, Is that how you REALLY feel? :wink:

There are not many players in the CFL that I dislike, however there is an exception to everything.
I have, in the past voiced my opinion about Gaas. And I stick to my guns.
He is nothing but a big bully in a football uniform. He is full of himself and an embarasment to his team, and the CFL. He hits to hurt and has no respect for others.
If there is anything I hate more is dirty players. He seems to get away with it. I hope he is sidelined and not going to play and the CFL finally takes head and makes him sit out for a while.

Rant over

He's an intimidating middle linebacker.

Sticks up for his team mates,and loses it totally for short periods resulting in low blows ,boots ,ripping helmuts off heads,hmmmm....

How long before his carreer is over as a result of going too far?

Gass is nothing but bag of hot Air.. I hate this guy I Mean Really really Hate this guy Mr Cheepshot Mr Bully ect ect I hate AJ GASS.
Now let me make certain I got this right, Onknight.

You don’t like him?

I hear he speaks quite highly of you! :smiley:


i'm glad gass is playing.
he's stupid.
he's slow.
he's beaten up.
he's got a lot of mileage on him. he's an old, old player (even tho he's only 31).
he's not good against the pass, and he's undersized against the run.
he's looked at as a 'leader' ... what a joke. charlie would have cut him years ago for his selfish, immature antics.
and he's not even one of those pesky guys you hate when they're playing against your team, but you'd love if he was on yours. i wouldn't want him here.
in fact, the cfl will be a better place when the aj gass circus has wrapped up and he's back in the states selling insurance or exercise equipment or whatever ...

A.J. Gass could play on my team anytime. He instills fear and trepidation into the hearts of opposing offenses.

Sure he gets away with some dirty play, but in the final analysis, this man comes to perform.
He's not just a talker, he's a doer and I like this.