A.J. Gass suspended one game ...

From the fine people at TSN:


Thought you all might want to know!

  • paul

Seems a bit of an overreaction to me.

I was just about to post that...wonder if it translates to another loss for the Eskimos...That would be a real shame....

....but larrysmiles assured us this wouldn't happen, could never happen....and apparently he is always correct, at least that is what he has told us....

....he must feel terrible about this miscalculation....

Did the CFL have a choice? Their credibility is on thin ice right now with fans...now can we suspend some of the officials? :wink:

I think it is a pretty cut and dry judgement. You throw a helmet, you get suspended a game. That seems to be the CFL precedent that has been set.

And I am sure A.J.'s reputation around the league didn't help at all either.

  • paul

I suspect the kicking incident and now the helmet throwing incident are all playing into the suspension.

Eh. This is crap. How is Gass the only one being punished? :roll:

...who else did you have in mind Chief?...do you htink Onatolu should get a game too?....

NO! I think we've lost enough, thank you. :lol:

But I suppose since you can't really tell what happened through the video, there probably wasn't much else the league could do. But I still don't like it.

Whether or not Pilon grabbed his nuts doesn't matter, I'm sure Calgary did something. They got lucky.

...I agree we got lucky, usually when there is even one ejection the other team better be crystal clean to avoid a matching penalty...I've never seen a double ejection with nothing going to the other side...

You know, when I picked Edmonton in the VGCC and said I was going down with the ship, I was only kidding... but now... :lol:

...check it out, I picked the Eskimos too....

I was actually surprised by that. I figured everyone would be picking Hamilton.

Well, with Tucker, Ebell, and now Gass out, it looks like Ray, Gaylor, and McClendon are going to have to step it up.

Who keeps deleting my posts?

...bclions4life....please explain...

What posts

Why is it an over reaction. All players that have done this have received suspensions. Why would this be a suprise? He deserved it.

Because he threw the helmet. So I believe you would like how the NHL does it give everyone even though they did nothing a penalty. Again watch the reply what reason would any of the stamp players get penalized. They showed great discipline. Can not say the same for your team. Punching bags did nothing to warant a penalty. So Chief they should penalize Pilon because AJ says so or makes up a story about his roid rage.

You didn't actually read any of my other posts, eh?