A.J. Gass....Shows NO class!

I'm sure we all just saw that kick on a downed player? Any thoughts?

There should be a suspension after that. That's uncalled for at any point in the game.

Thats see Eskimo fans thought Nik was a dirty player what the heck was that. Reynolds stated this guy has the mentality of a rock! And he proved that to all CFL fans tonight the guy is a loser like his team!

Other wise , it was an excellent game.

MONTREAL and B.C. should also be a great game.

well he plays for Edmonton :stuck_out_tongue: what did u expect?? jk i think a fine and game should do just fine :wink:

I think he should be out for the season! He continues to show that he is a jerk that does not care about hurting other players.

If the league is going to give suspensions for playing rough, then a deliberate attack while a player is down requires much harder action.

The fact is that there is a pattern of actions by this guy that at some point has to be stopped!

Well Gass just proved Joffery Reynolds was not lying about his tackling and twisting a guys ankle so he can injure the player. The guy is a nut bar!

If that had been before time had expired, the penalty for kicking is disqualification and 25 yards. I think the penalty should be disqualification for the rematch and 25 yards applied to the opening kick-off. I alos think that the league should review the play. The game was very obviously over. Therefore it should be taken as serious attempt to injure. The league should impose an additional suspension of a couple of games and a $10,000 fine!

I'm an Eskimo fan, but based on what I saw on TV, there is no excuse for A.J.'s actions tonight(kicking the Ti-Cat player.)

He should be suspended.

This guy needs to go, You telling me the Eskimos cant replace an overrated assclown like Gass?

CBC praising him like crazy last week during their labor day game. Shows his true colours this week.

Did any of you see why he did that? Brock Ralph tried to end Adam Braidwood's #91 carreer. Brock dove at him and put a helmet on knee hit when Braidwood was standing there thinking the game was done. If anyone should be suspended it should be Ralph. I could see why Gass was choked when the same thing happened to Wiltshire last week. The hit on Wiltshire was at least during a play. I don't blame Gass, somebody has to put a stop to it.

That may be, I didn't see it but will watch for it when they show the replay.

Notwithstanding, that is not a reasonable excuse for kicking another player while on the ground, A.J. should and probably will be punished.

First off do you not think if Brock did something wrong he would have been penalized! And since when is it up to a player to seek retribution by trying to deliberately kick someone while they are down. Now if you ask me that is a coward and anyone that defends this guy must not be much better.

Gass is an idiot. This is just the latest example. The thing I love is that his insane-intent-to-injure-roid-rage play actually earns him kudos from homer Suitor. I didn't actually see the play first hand, I'd like to know if they gave him the gladiator award again for kicking the guy.. it's the same kind of gutsy move (ie: twisting ankles, hitting from behind, laughing insanely after an O-lineman flattens him) that won him the gladiator award last week.

Well it looked like a number of EE players were making an effort to get at the QB, but others were standing around.

But how is the hit by Ralph illegal in that formation?

Errhm...isn't that pretty much standard AJ Gass to sadistically injure and purposefully try to end careers with no sympathy to his opponent? What else is new? x_x

...This is an example of how far the Esks. have sunk.....They are frustrated and obviously in BIG trouble in the standings....that being said....there is no excuse for the kind of crap Gass pulled off....Kicking a player ...especially when he's down ...and a deliberate attempt to injure should meet with a suspension and fine....Zero tolerance on this stuff.....Gass should also have to apologize to the Ti-Cat player...publicly...You would think that AJ. would have learned from the stupid stunt Montford pulled earlier in the year...just a stupid act.... :thdn:

Well said papa.

AJ Gass deserves at the very least a fine or a suspension. In no way does it excuse what Lewis did, however. The player that Gass kicked will be in the line-up next week, but Wiltshire, the player Lewis gave a cheap shot to, is finished for his career. Both were dirty plays, but one was "legal". You are all over Gass for his cheap shot, but you condone Lewis'?

I would still like to know how a "legal Play" can be dirty or cheap?