A J Gass cheap shot king

With all the talk about the former Cats returning we have forgotten the nastiest member of the Esks.. AJ Gass is the guy you really have to look out for...Gass is a coward and a backstabber who seems to always take a cheap shot at one of the Cats..I don't know how he hasn't been barred from the league by now...

He the Enemy of Week on my Blog..
Gass is just that a wind bag who is the cheep Shout king

Gass is his name without the G. Talented but really unprofessional

Onknight is the king of intrusive signatures!

i have no idea why they keep running this undersized, slow, selfish, undisciplined player out on the field year after year.
to me he's the poster boy for what ails that team: poor personnel choices. they keep depleted players such as gass on their roster.

interesting that we're only dressing two QBs tonight.... is Gass still in the lineup?

Don't forget about Nick Setta being 3rd stringer...

They should change his name to Casper,because for most of the games he's played he's been invisible

haha ..i love when gass makes a play - he thinks he is God. i feel like he thinks lightning will come from the sky and strike the ground around him