A HUGE THANKYOU to everyone who got a scarf!

To everyone who bought a scarf of made donation a huge thank your from Wellwood Cancer Resource Centre, CFL Fans Fight Cancer and Wellwood Cancer Resource Centre.
Thanks to you we nearly sold 500 scarves last night in support of Wellwood!
You're awesome Ticat fans! :rockin:

The thanks goes to you. Such sincere dedication and resolve to promote such a worthy cause is noble and admirable.

Again, Zellers is selling them, does Wellwood benefit if I buy one there as opposed to the Ticat store? :?

I bought a scarf at a previous game (in September?) in lot J. Truly a wonderful cause. The scarf will certainly keep both my body and spirit warm this winter.

I was wondering what portion of the proceeds goes to Wellwood. Hopefully a lot. If not, Jare I would like to buy another at double the price! (You can never keep your spirit too warm in the depths of a Canadian winter).

Can't someone, somewhere answer my simple question, please? :? :? :? :? :?

Sorry Earl, I've been away from the computer all day.
To answer your question,as far as I understand, no the Zellers Ticat scarves do not benefit Wellwood in any way.
Regarding the fundraising, if/when the Ticats sell out of the scarfs they will be making a donation directly to the Wellwood Cancer support centre of between $3500 and $4000. That will go along way at Wellwood.

Considering the Ticat communities amazing response to the scarves, the Cats think may do it again with another product next year.

Thanks again everyone. :thup:

Thanks Jare, I'll buy one next game at the TiCat booth then.

Thanks Earl, the scarves are available through the Ticats online store, the store at Ticats HQ and at every game.
All scarves sold through these outlets will support Wellwood Cancer Support Centre.

Zeller's ti-cats merchandise selection is CRAP, the scarf is nice though better than I expected, I'll be sure to pick one up next time I'm at IWS. :thup: