A horse is a horse of course of course

Cant help but continue to notice that Steve McQueen in Wanted rode the same horse as Chuck Connors
inRifleman. Not sure I have noticed anyone else sharing a horse in two different shows. This particular black horse had a weird gait or maybe just acrooked back leg or something. As I get older, I seem to notice things like that more often.

FYB…I’ve read on here that you love Westerns. Did you watch many of them with Jimmy Stewart?

I recently watched a ton of them with a friend who collects them. Great binge video watching. He made some great ones and unlike some of his fellow actors of his generation did not “over act”. He left that up to guys like Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas.

Apparently Stewart rode one horse for most of them for over 20 years. His name was Pie. Stewart reportedly said Pie was his greatest co-star and knew when the cameras were rolling.

Should get yourself to the track. :wink:

JS is one of my all time favorites. Western and otherwise. Watched everyone I could

However, I must defend Burt and Kirk as I always enjoyed both of them as well.