A Hidden Gem - The NFB's "Oskee Wee Wee" film (1967 GC)


William Pettigrew’s short film on the 1967 Grey Cup and its related festivities can be found at the above link. A far happier time for Tigertown than the aftermath of last night’s debacle. Enjoy!

Oski Wee Wee,


Another oldie but a goodie -- from its NFB page:

"Football Story


This short documentary from the On the Spot series - “National Film Board’s up-to-the-minute report of what’s happening somewhere in Canada? – invites us to visit the Edmonton Eskimos football team on their home ground. Host Fred Davis introduce us to some of the team’s key players and interviews its 28-year-old coach, Darrell Royal, a firm believer in the use of moving pictures in the coaching of modern football."



Oski Wee Wee,


Thanks, that’s pretty cool. Had a look at a young Ron Lancaster in the Riders dressing room at one point. Apparently the full game is available on youtube as well. I was only 3 at the time, so didn’t see it, but that was probably the best defence in the CFL ever.

From: http://hamiltonsportshalloffame.com/cat … ball-team/

Coached by Hall of Famer Ralph Sazio, the ’67 Cats won the CFL club’s 12th Grey Cup Championship.

They finished Canada’s centennial year with a 10-4 record.

The Cats that season did not allow their opponents to score a single touchdown in their final six games including the Grey Cup which they won 24-1 at Ottawa’s Lansdowne Park over the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Hamilton had advanced to the final with 11-3 and 26-0 wins over Ottawa in the Eastern Final.

The 1967 Ticat team was anchored by its defence led by perennial all stars John Barrow and Garney Henley. The defence surrendered just 195 points in the regular schedule and just four in three playoff starts.

It’s pretty depressing to see how far the current D has fallen.

I just watched the two videos, they were quite enjoyable.
The game has changed a bit in 60 years.

Maybe the Tiger Cats problem this year was that they weren't having a steak dinner during film session. Next year the team should breakout the barbecues when analyzing the game tape. The road to the Grey Cup starts with a T-Bone.