A Hero among many heroes!

Our boys did it!! All of BC is so proud of you.
But such sweet justice for Paul McCallum, now 11 for 11 in the last two games AND a record! 18 points in the Grey Cup game! And Canadian of the game!
A true and deserving hero among the many heros that make up this 2006 edition of the BC Lions....GREY CUP CHAMPIONs!

Not to take anything away from him but the record is for field goals not points which he tied.

He also scored 19 points by the way

I guess there are some owners of a fertilizer truck in Regina that are feeling pretty stupid right now. :slight_smile:

What a team!!!! There were no superstars for the Lions, just a solid team. Every player played for the TEAM.

Smart gets his 1st CFL TD and the only TD for the Lions in the GC

Jackson makes incredible catches

Glatt causes fumble on 2 yd line

DD shows heart and rushes for a couple of key first downs.

Smith was a horse at running back.

McCallum kicks 6 FG

After the player intro war of words between Floyd/Cobourn, Floyd lays out Cobourn on punt return.

Lions use all 3 QBs in GC game.

Sacks by Hunt, Johnson and Banks.

Key blocks by Simon/Clermont on Als blitz

So much more to recall but shows that the whole team showed up and played like a team.