A healthy Bowman can make a huge difference for Reilly and O

Adarius Bowman is back on the 46 ond off the 9 game. The Esks have been playing the season with a hole in their offense in the form of a top #2 Receiver to give the Esks that 1-2 punch with Stamps and Bowman.
The trickle down affect moves Koch back to the 3rd REC and Marcus Henry back to his role of coming off the bench. Both Koch and Hently have done a good job of late stepping up their roles but with Henry in the starting line up left a whole in the ESKS Rec corp with really no import to fill that 4th import rec off the bench for them.
The ESKS I think made a mistake in pushing true rookie right out of the NCAA seeney into the starting line up. Although sometimes an import right out of the NCAA can make the transition often times not.
Since then they have looked at other receiving prospects that have had some pro expereince somewhere firs whether an NFL roster, NFL PR, UFL, Arena league, CFL or Combo of of some of these they have already been to a pro football camp, know the level of play, and are much ready and up to speed with the pro football game.

Absolutely. Defenses have to pick who to double cover, Bowman or Stamps. With our inside guys catching balls that should encourage defenses to stay home a little more often once they get burned.