A Hard Days Night

Just finished watching this day and a half in the life of the Beatles film. Forgot how much I enjoy their early music.

I am so focused on 70's music that I hardly ever listen to earlier music. We have the blue double album and the red double album but never got around to copy onto cassette. Since we lost our last record player, all our records just sit there.

Beatles are not my favorite group, but they are up there.

Too bad more bands didn't make a couple of film.


btw, nice try :slight_smile:

This one is my favourite. Still blows my mind to watch.

AC/DC started in 1973 has done a few filmed concerts .On another note .

Woodstock 69 footage was done very well if you get You Tube .

Love it watched it again months ago so well done with hidden laughs . The Office of it's time . So far ahead in the documentary stick .