A half football away from hosting the semi-final!

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Re: Edmonton vs Saskatchewan

With 3rd and inches Edmonton decided to gamble on about their own 40. The game was tied at 20-20 and only about a minute and a half on the clock remaining. Joseph barely made what he needed. After a measurement he made the 1st down by half a football length.

Had he not made it the ball would have been turn over on downs and Saskatchewan would likely have been able to run out the clock and kick a last second field goal to win the game. An Edmonton loss and the Lions at the very least would have hosted the Western Semi-Final against Calgary. THAT is how close the Lions were! A half football length!

The Lions still have a crack at hosting the Western Semi or even the Western Final depending on what Calgary does in its game against Winnipeg. A Calgary loss and the Lions host the Semi-Final if the Lions lose against Montreal or only tie. The Lions of course will have 1st place but only if they win against Montreal now. A tie will not do it. A Calgary win and a B.C. loss and there will not even be a playoff game in B.C. Place.

What we do know is that Calgary cannot end up in 1st place now. Edmonton won the division series against Calgary. Calgary is playing for the chance to host the Semi-Final when they meet Winnipeg tomorrow. But get this..... Winnipeg is playing to host the Eastern Final. A win will clinch it. Think Winnipeg will be taking any prisoners?

The Lions had better be in the zone Saturday night. That's all I can say! If they lose I'm switching to Coke!

lol, don't make me want them to lose now Beaglehound lol, no i wouldn't! My loyalties to the Lions are stronger than my loyalty to Coca-Cola.

Lets tear this up tonight, GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The way I look at it, the Lions are 2 games away from playing for the Grey Cup at home at BC place.
Goes without saying, big game tonight and I think once again the boys will re-assert why they're considered the favorites to win. Last week's game said all I need to know about this team's ability and character.

If peg can win BC wins the west

But 99 percent winnipeg will lose this game so BC needs the win--

Jamal RIchardson will be super hyper tonight, so BC better cover him--

Calvillo is washed up, but anything is possible in the CFL--

I think BC should be able to win this game--