A Grey Cup in every decade!...so far

The fantastic banner at the bottom of every page on this website shows a fact that is not mentioned enough when speaking about our football team. That is, that we are the only team in professional football that can count a championship in every decade since 1900. (In fact we would have won the first Grey Cup had the manufacturing of the actual trophy not been delayed..."In 1908, the Tigers won the dominion championship, a year before the Grey Cup was presented." Lord Grey decided to present the Cup in 1908 but the actual trophy wasn't ready until 1909.)

That being said we have only 3 more opportunities to keep this streak alive, and this year does not look promising. I really hope that this great historic franchise can keep its winning tradition alive!

Oskee Wee Wee

P.S. The History section of ticats.ca needs to be more in depth...remember the Tigers and their history (and championships), and the Wildcats and even the Alerts. We have 138 years of football history in Hamilton 40 of those happened before the first Grey Cup Game.

Glasgow Rangers..Scottish League Champions 51 times

We didn't win the 90's cup till 99 so don't lose faith. If this team can keep most of its talent it will be a force in 08-09.

Who cares about soccer????? More divers then Russian hockey players!

I think he meant a real league. :wink:

More care about soccer than CFL football...Sad but True.

As far as the diving goes, you've never seen Scottish League soccer. It's nothing like those other European "diving" Leagues.

Really,....8 teams?

Ya, but Rangers play against only one other team anywhere near their own talent level, that being Celtic, and they get their asses whipped when they do.

Realistically speaking, Scottish soccer is a two team league with a bunch of stiffs playing for teams like Hearts and Dundee and other chumps. So 51 titles is not so great when it comes down to either you or the other team.

If memory serves, the Montreal Canadiens also have won in every decade since 1900. Also, I thought the first Grey Cup was 1909 but the Cup wasn’t ready and it was presented for the first time in 1910.

Spoken like a true seperatist... :lol: Only over the last couple of years has that been true..Anyways, just pointing out that there are other teams that have accomplished that feat, with the exception of Celtic of course. :wink: Follow-Follow..Go-Cats-Go

AYE LADDIE! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: