A great win against Calgary August 17/13

26-22 was the final score and the Lions worked very hard to earn the win. The D played very well. No sooner did the Stamps tie the game at 7 apiece when we saw Tim Brown delight crowd with a sensational TD return from his 20 yard line after the Stamps kick off. The D was able to contain Cornish on numerous plays although Cornish was still able to find some wide open holes. Lulay needs to run with the ball more when he has the chance. There was one trick play where had Lulay run he would have easily made the necessary 10 yards. Instead he elected to throw into tight coverage and have the ball picked off by Calgary. I'm a little nervous about Travis's play of late. He had a couple of passes picked off and a 3rd nearly picked off. He still does not look as comfortable as he has been in the past.

Refereeing was suspect this game in particular. On one play a Stamps defender had a Lions receiver in what appeared to be an arm lock which prevented the Lions receiver from making any kind of play on the ball. It was not called. On another occasion a Lions player tackled the Stamps player and their momentum carried both out of bounds. The Lions player was called for unnecessary rough play. Marginal to say the least. No yards calls against the Stamps were missed. I've seen better officiating in other games. It was like the Lions had a target on them.

The score was close but the Lions were full value for their win against a team that just finished beating the best team in the league, namely SSK.

Yes it was a sensational win by BC- The DEF played lights out and they showed CGY how to play physical play--

However Beagle almost everyone played well except for the offense--

Bc looks like they have no passing attack at all- Im not sure if its the weak O line, We are not athletic enough-

But CHAPS needs to be let go- His offense has no DEEP passes in it- No mid range passes- NO Hook routes- The league has figured him out and LULAY cant even go through his reads for some reason--

We dont even have any pass plays it seems---

OUr best offensive play is to let LULAY loose and let him create- This is our best way to move the ball--

LULAY does not see the field well at all- He is throwing rookie ints- He is just a good competitor with strong legs and good running ability- He will not win any games throwing the ball beating teams-

We can win with him, but if he was proficient we would have beat CGY by 3 tds last night-

I was very happy that we were able to keep Cornish at 73 yards. Great defense.

Yeah, Lulay did not play too well. He had 3 interceptions, and another potential 3 that were dropped. He makes some very nice passes sometimes, and other times they're way off. Hopefully consistency will come for him eventually, I still believe in him.

Overall, an awesome win. One I did not expect!

QBS that throw ONLY hard are not great QBS usually-- You need to throw with TOUCH-- Have you ever seen LULAY throw a 15 to 30 yard pass with touch--

He does not anticipate well and has no touch on his passes- HE is no different than a DURANT who cant throw with any touch--

This limits our offense into throwing line drive passes that are 5 to 15 yards and thats it---

TELL ME does anyone see anything different?

"We can win with him, but if he was proficient we would have beat CGY by 3 tds last night"...by GridironGuru


It's always nice to want to squeeze more out the players. Lulay may be no Flutie, Kapp or Moon but who is... in the present CFL? Beating Calgary by a walloping 3 TDs would surely have felt extra sweet but you know what? I was more than happy with the outcome. The Lions worked very hard for the win, both the O and the D. I've seen Lulay throw deep bombs that were very catchable only to see his receivers drop the ball. I've seen him throw 15 and 20 yard passes and hit the receiver's numbers only to see the ball go incomplete.

Right now he's struggling but he's still getting a lot done. You only need to have one point more than the opposition to get the big W. You don't need to beat the opponent by 21+ points though it's nice to have a little cushion going into the final 10 minutes of the last quarter. It's easier on the old heart. :thup: Don't forget that a QB can rack up 500+ passing yards and his team score 56 points and still loss the game.

What Lulay did against a potent Calgary D was something not all QBs would have accomplished. I have some concerns about how Lulay is reading the D and what appears to be a case of tunnel vision but I'm sure he's aware of where he needs to improve.

As far as getting rid Chaps is concerned I'm hard pressed to criticize a coach whose team is 5-2 and just coming off a sensational win against a very tough opponent. If the team were 0-7 or 1-6 you might have a case but you don't at this time in my opinion. The same can be said about Benevides. Hard to argue with a head coach whose team has won 5 of 7 games. If the Lions can beat a team like Calgary, then they can beat any team in the CFL and do it with consistency. They played with tremendous passion the other night and I'm expecting more of the same when they meet a physically beat up team like the Als who will not be playing with Calvillo or numerous other starters.