A Great Start to a Young Group of Ti-Cats!!!

What a Great Start for such a Young group of Hamilton Ti-Cat players to be playing in their first playoff game together in such a long time, a 9-9 record compared to a 3-15 record last year, good going guys, I'm proud of your efforts and I'm sure all Cat fans are proud of the way you played yesterday, you made it very exciting to take the game into overtime and next year you just raise the bar that much higher.

In 2009 it was to make the playoffs, this year we did with a game at home and a winning record to boot as for next year in 2010 this team must set the mark as the Grey Cup and a Grey Cup appearance anything short of that in my mind we not be a good season.

Ti-Cats wear your heads high, you restored the Roar in Hamilton and demonstrated to fans and Bob Young that this young team is full of Talent and only has one direction to go and that is up, especially when you look at other teams in the CFL who are just starting to go through their growing pains what Hamilton went through over the past five years or so, like Winnipeg, Toronto, BC, Edmonton and if Montreal ever lost AC to either injury or retirement that team would be in dire straights as well.

I'm glad to say that I'm a Hamilton Tiger-Cat fan because we have the best team, the best fans, Win or Lose and it only will get better from here.

Cheers to all our Tiger-Cat players, Coaches and Staff and our Ti-Cat Fans, Happy Holidays and we will see you in 2010, Mr. Young Thank You and please re-sign our players and Coaches and Staff, Great Job!!!!

Could not have said it better myself.