A Great Season!

Well, with a 14-3 record (15-3 by tomorrow afternoon?) we have to be very happy with the Als' performance this season. There was only one legitimate blowout earlier this season and that brain cramp two weeks ago in Winnipeg after sowing up 1st place.

There will be, according to the Gazette, several players not starting against the Argos. At this point, I think it wise to sit Calvillo down. Sure hope the injuries to McElveen, Guzman, Hawkins, and Diedrick are not serious enough to keep them out of the East Final. Sorry that Diedrick won't be playing; he has shown us some brilliance. Given half a chance, he could be a great running back.

Well, let's hope that the 2nd and 3rd stringers perform well and show us the future. Calvillo et al won't be around forever and the Als DEFINITELY need to be grooming a successor. Go Als go!!!!

I concur with those sentiments, jkm, well put.

I am not sure about AC though, I think I might play him a quarter, no more, just to keep him sharp. But I really hope that Chris Leak gets some playing time in.

As for the others, the ones I really hope are available for the East final (and the Cup) are Guzman, who has really impressed me this year, and McElveen. We won't really miss Hawkins if he can't go, and while I agree that DD has some upside potential, it wouldn't be that significant a loss if he can't play in the final and cup.

MJ, I agree with you (surprise!), except (shock!) that I think we would definitely miss Hawkins. Though he's only been in the rotation for the past few weeks, to my mind he has already established himself as an impact player. I love the intensity with which he plays: he makes every catch look like he's fighting for his next meal. He's also a double threat on kick returns; teams can't just kick away from Taylor and expect to stifle our return game.

I love Hawkins speed. He would be missed. He has made such an impact in the short time that he played this season. Multi-Dimensional.

Nothing I said was in any way meant to downplay Hawkins' skill set; it's impressive for sure. I just don't think that having him out of the lineup will hurt us all that badly. . . as in, if we lose, I doubt the absence of Hawkins will be a cause.

Is Hawkins injured?

I agree. He is a threat, to be sure, but won't be the determining factor in the end.

I was livid when I heard they would sit Calvillo in todays game…not that I wanted him to play the entire game, but he should have at least taken a few series or maybe the first quarter. Yes the risk of injury is great, but what about the risk of not playing for three weeks and playing the Eastern Final cold? (that goes for the other starters that sat)

Very happy that McPherson put in a better performance than the game against the Bombers a few weeks back…but as someone pointed out, this was Toronto. Still, much improved.


I'll tell you something. People talk about the East being weaker, and all things considered it is, but not when it comes to defense. Winnipeg and Toronto both have exceptional defenses and Hamilton is no joke either. If we make it to the Cup final, I don't think Calvillo & co. will face a tougher defense than whichever team we meet in the Eastern final (with the possible exception of Saskatchewan).

He's been playin in the league for 16 years... I'm sure he will be fine. Look at the Lions situation, Coach Trestman took the right decision and Adrian needs the work, good situation for everyone.

I think he played well in all 3 games he participated. What I noticed today was how much quicker the ball left his hand :thup:

I would prefer he didn't scramble upright like that...

This...I agree with. East would have been much tighter had the QBs shown a little more consistency.

Had Kelly and Bellefeuille not try to reinvent the wheel, they would not be in the situation they are tomorrow.

The thing is,
The east is not all that week. Montreal being so superiour makes the east look week.
Montreal went 4-0 against Ham and 3-1 against Wpg
Take 4 wins away from MOntreal and they finish win 11 wins, TIed with the first place team in the west.
Ham and Wpg would finish with 9-9 records
Third in the east would be tied with 2 in the west,

Thats not weak in my books

WE have to be impressed with today's game which showed that the team had great depth. Woodruff was good at offensive tackle and, newcomers and second string players such as, Jon Banks, S Samuels, Paul Waldo [ an interception, long 71 yard run and TD], Chad Owens, Glen MacKay, SJ Green and others showed they belonged. Without doubt, this team has depth. In Quebec, Laval has another great team in the CIS. Laval has a receiver, Sebastian Leveque, who took a pass 75 yards for a TD. This guy has great speed and might be the Canadian receiver the Als need.

3-0 against Hamilton...
3-0 against Toronto
3-1 against Weenypeg

Ok but ny point still stands.
Mtl makes the east look weak

I agree. Hamilton IMO is the 2nd best team in the league, Winnipeg is in the pack with the four Western teams.

Toronto is the new Hamilton...

You can thank Popp for that. Best damn GM the Als have ever had. (Not so great of a coach though.)

Wettenhall better make sure he never lets this guy go anywhere else. As long as he's there, bringing in quality talent year after year, we'll always be a strong team.

I agree. Popp has the knack of finding the best talent not playing in the NFL. :thup:

Let's consider the new "Popp" the new "Sammy Pollock". If you don't have someone with a nose for talent and the ability to interest players, you don't have a winning team - period!