A Great Lady

Following a visit today to my ailing nephew at the Henderson Hospital, my wife and I decided to go to Tim Horton's on Concession St. Upon entering the parking lot, I spotted a car sporting a Ticat license plate and several decorations of Ticat emblems, miniature mascots, etc. Much of the car was autographed by Ticat personnel.

When I saw this car, I naturally became excited at the prospect of finding the owner and perhaps having some football chat over a cup of coffee. Picking out the owner was instantaneous for me when I spotted a Ticat Jacket over a chair with a lady seated there and another lady sitting across from her. Since the table next to them was empty my wife and I sat there and further noticed that the lady with the team jacket had all kinds of other ticat goodies attached to her person. She had medallions, crests, etc. and I therefore smiled at her and said Oskee wee wee. She smiled back, saying, "your a fan?" and I said, "indeed I am" and the conversation went on from there.
It turned out that I was speaking to Pat Schlegel the vice president of the Tiger Cat Fan Club. What a fine woman she is and what great football knowledge she possesses. She occasionally makes entries to this site and is as strong a fan as I have ever come across. We exchanged many views and to my delight shared many opinions of the present team and the future.

Pat's husband passed away a short time ago and she exhibits great strength and courage in picking up the pieces and getting on with her life. She, her friend, my wife and myself had a very warm visit and I would look forward to seeing her at future games, or maybe, I'll just have to join the fan club which would likely be a good idea for many of the stalwart fans on this site. This gal knows her stuff! :thup:

Pat is a wonderful, kind person, for sure.

And a tremendous Ticat booster, to boot.

You are "speaking to the choir" here!

Did you know that she and a couple others always donate their time and efforts to paint the faces of our young fans every game?

A greater fan or one who has seen the best and the worst of this team you won't find!

Win or lose she is always there! :rockin:

I'm proud to call Pat "a friend"! :thup:

One more thing about "PatCat"...she is as big a fan of the CFL and loved by fans from every team. She is one of the most popular at Grey Cup parties too.

Pat is one of my very favourite people. She's great fun and is an amazingly sweet woman.

Pat is a Firecracker Got to love her

I mentioned this thread to my friend Jack (Security Guard Jack from a thread back in August), and he wanted to let people know just how much Pat means to him. She was a regular visitor while Jack was in the hospital recovering from his heart attack, and the beautiful Tiger head she placed above his hospital bed was a source of inspiration to him, and a favourite to the nursing staff on the ward. Without Pat, the road to recovery would have been a long and winding one. Jack is nearing 100% now, and Pat is one of the big reasons why.

I am very proud to have Pat as a friend. She ia a dynamic and amazing person.

Not sure if I ever met Pat but I did go to a couple Cats Claws meetings in 92-93.

I met Carol Rose and thought she was a great lady and very loyal fan. Anyone know how she is these days?

Your kind words made my day.
Zenstate, Carol is the President of the Fan club and is doing great.
Thank you all again.
pat_cat :smiley: