A great idea for the mods here!

There are far too many negative threads about the Cats on this forum and about 75% of them are from newer users. Most of these people have 5-10 posts and they end up frustrating the loyal Cats supporters that come here often.

Maybe the forum should make it so that people need to have say 50+ posts before they can create threads. It would help trust me.

I am never one to support big brother like control over people but they ruin it for many of us loyal members.

Just a thought..

Your thoughts?

I agree whole heartedly. Im a new user but Ive been a ticat fan all my life.

You have to have to be supportive of the team but at the same time you have to address the issues of this team. There just hasnt been a lot to cheer about in the last 6 or 7 years. People are fed up of losing in Hamilton. Look at the fan support over the last 4 years, its been amazing and the team isn`t winning.

But I think the forum should be used, not to insult our players but to have constructive suggestions on how to improve our team

Forgot to add..

I think a lot of these new posters are fans that would normally never come here but they were at a game and hated that the team lost (without really understanding why) then they come here and vent.

It truly does lower the quality and respectability of this site.

The uninformed mellow drama they bring with them has to stop. After EVERY game so far the forum is littered with "Cut blank now!" etc. etc.

Freedom of speech is a great thing but should the loyal dedicated fans have to read this crap day after day?

at the same time. ticat fans should be able to discuss and if they vent a little,thats o.k. as long as it isnt mindless mellowdrama

Ah... but perhaps the experienced among us should presume that we have an educative function. (As if that works.......)

No need to change the rules IMO.

The people you're talking about typically explode onto the site with a single gripe and then self-immolate after a week or so. Their post count never grows beyond low double digits and then they're gone forever. In fact, if you sit out of the forums for a few days after a loss, you'd never know that most of those people ever even existed.

Many sports teams official sites have that rule... i love it.

You can post but not start threads until a certain number of posts.

I disagree that there shouldn't be
a waiting period before new members
are allowed to start their own threads.

It may result in fewer of those emotion charged
'Johnny One Note' threads that Sec8 mentioned.

In the past it was great to read
and discuss things after games here

Why should I have to NOT look at
the site for a few days after a game

because it is so cluttered up with irrational
'off with his head' GRIPING THREADS [not posts]
of 'newbies?' Let them vent on 'The Fifth Quarter.

We may not be able to stop
stupid and irritating posts
like the ones about Jason Maas' arm!

that we long term members
have endured for so long.

but...I see no harm in making
a waiting period a requirement.

free speech…who need it…

censorship please!

I would suggest that people just ignore the more "cranky pants" threads that they don't like by not posting any replies. Ignore the child to discourage the behaviour type deal. Let the free market determine which opinions are worth a read. There are posters on here who's threads I make a point to read because I like their thoughts even if I disagree with them, others I do the opposite.

I would never trust a poor egotistically driven idea.

I'm all for it, along with Crash's idea.

I'm with you laughinghard. Some people think this is THEIR personal board. Its not. Either you allow all opinions to be aired or your board dies. Caretaker seems to understand that and has set this board up with that in mind

Absolutely not!
Football knowledge and opinion is not represented by the number of posts someone makes on this site!
Not everyone has the time to post here so much but it in no way means they have nothing worth while to say.
How about putting a cap on the number of times someone can post!
100 and you're off because people are probably sick of your ideas by then

That would count you out, Tommyboy1.

LOL ahhhhhhh that was good!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not even sure why I am adding to this post as it is a waste of my time.
Probably because I read most of the other posts and they all stink. 8)

I do not have all the time in the world to post all day 10 or 20 times a day.
Also, this is a free site and untill one pays for it one has to take the good with the bad!

I post moslty positive things about the cats, and Jason Maas in particular, and ya know what..... some agree and some don't.

I pick and choose my replies, and if I could only post in the manner that you speak of, I would not even bother to visit a site that is that one sided!!!!

Just because you may or my not agree with some posts here does not mean that "you" are right!!!!!!!!!

If you don't like it.....don't read it!!!! that simple! or start you own "happy happy ti-cats fan club" !!!!!!!


hmmmm... good idea... Wonder why nobody ever thought of that?

O-Kay, so I think all of the above posts are basically correct.
The only time I post is after a game to bitc# and complain.
I'm not a football expert (like most of you seem to be)so I'll only post when I have something posative to say or my comments just get shot to h--- anyway and it just pisses me off more. Sorry for that, I'm just a very frustrated fan. :oops: :oops:


This is not about censorship at all. If a fan acts in an inappropriate way are they not kicked out of the stadium?

Negativity helps no one and can hurt everyone.

This would not prevent people from posting at all.

Its like this.. if someone is not registered yet or is and only has a few posts and come here to rant they will simply be forced to keep it to posts vs. making a thread until they have 50 posts or so. This will make the forum better and more enjoyable over time. It weeds out the angry fair weather fans that have nothing positive to add.

If people really want to rant they can call the 5th quarter like so many of the fair weathers do.

Negativity kills the human spirit.. it really does. Once a game is lost there is nothing you can do but figure out how to win the next one. Dwelling on things is useless.

Once again, logic. zenstate, you should realize by now that logic does not seem to prevail on this site...