'A great day for the franchise.'

Marcel says Chris Bauman will compete for a starting job
with largely unproven Canadian pass-catchers
Iain Fleming, Atnas Maeko and Ivan Birungi.

Canadian Brock Ralph will likely start also

and "If we feel he [Bauman] is that good, there is no reason why
we can't go with more than one starting Canadian receiver,"

Here are today's Ken 'Jeepers Creepers' Spectator articles.

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And it was quite a bit of good news for Chris Bauman.

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Well, if Bauman can come along like Andy Fantuz did last year, he's a keeper for sure.

Poor Chris Bauman.
According to Ken Peters he was "inked"...."sealed"...."bagged"...and then "committed".
I sure hope he can escape from the bag, come unglued, clean himself off and get released from the institution in time to play this season!
In addition, thanks to Peters I see we have two new linemen..one of whom is the size of Massey-Ferguson combine harvester and the other is the size of a lobster boat. I can't wait to see how they will fit on the bench with the rest of the team.
Will this junk writing from Peters never end?

Will this junk writing from Peters never end?