A Great Big Thankyou

To the Riders and Eskimos for the beat downs on the Argos and TiCats. 05, your Stamps, well, what can I say ?

And to the Als fans, did anyone really think they weren't going to be challenging for top spot in the East ? Now that they have some healthy receivers, a running back and an improving oline, they are starting to look like the Als of old.

Honestly, when they first started I wasn't ready to give up on them. However, once they fell to 1-3, I kind of had my doubts. :lol: Nice to seem them back near the top, though. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the thank you. We the Rider Nation would like thank the Argos for losing to us.

And Id personally like to invite Edmonton to take the day off this Saturday.


Nah, they should bring it, we know the Riders will win!