A Grand Idea

Yes, 2 tackles from a D-Lineman against a team who was running all over us and is sad and definetly mediocre. I suggest you go and talk to your wall, it may actually think you make some sense and probably likes you alot more...enjoy.

2v tackes and a sack is most certainly mediocre considering the opportunities available

i don't see a sack and 2 tackles as a great game or a bad game, probably somewhere right in the middle.lol

You wouldn’t mean MEDIOCRE would you? LOL!

ROTFL. Got himself, on purpose?

you guys are complete clowns...

all you do it bitch about no signings, and Gause comes out of nowhere and gives every reason to think that he'll be an impact player.

I've got to ask, if you guys are so smart, why are we not seeing this transaction in giant headlines...

"Argoconvert named new GM of Ti-Cats...he hires some guy named Hodgy to be the Head Coach."

You guys with your kindergarden knowledge about the game of football should really get together! I'm certain that melding your minds together you would come up with a can't miss plan that would save the Ti-Cats forever...

Seems to me the kindergarden-like behavior is comming from neither Hodgy nor myself.

good for you argoconvert…please add something of value to the conversation next time

That Headline sounds delicious...and thank you for updating me from zero knowledge to kindergarten (by the way that KindergaTen with a t not a D but, yeah, you're the smart one) knowledge, I appreciate it.

There you go! Thats's the spirit! Showing me that I miss spelled a word proves that you suddenly can hold your own in a real football conversation!

What else you got?

OK Cats roar, Gauze was mediocre, some good some bad. Potential star, I never saw that. Could it happen, you never know, he may have had a bad game in terms of his capabilities due to lack of familiarity, or not. One thing is certain he was not an impact player Friday night

Okay argoconvert…

Are you a Joe Montford fan?

in 1999 when he was defensive player of the year, he had 26 sacks and 35 tackes…

if Gause were to play every gane this season with his Friday night line, he’d have 18 sacks and 36 tackles for a season…he’d not be too far away from Joe, would he?

But you guys are right…there isn’t any good signings comming from Ti-Cats land…

Thats a real stretch. Statistically correct I'll assume (I'm not even gong to bother looking it up) but its hardly a slam dunk that Gause is causing the offensive team to change the plays because of the fear that he instills nor is it likely you can show me that he was double and triple covered on every play

'because all of you who are complaining day in and day out are middle aged men with massive beer bellies who may have had a glory day in high school and now you think you know eveything about football. '

The last time I looked I didn't have a beer belly but hey if it's good enough for Homer.... I think your problem 'pal' is that you and others on this forum are willing to accept mediocrity, some of us strive for something a little above that. And as far as other teams' fans telling us to relax, well, I don't blame them. They would be happy if the Ticats stuck with Maas all season. It would guarantee their teams a spot in the playoffs again.

  1. Paying fans have the right to comment on the state of their team.

  2. Paying fans don't have to play football to comment on the state of their team, they pay. In truth, they don't even need to pay.

  3. I think there have been plenty of sound complaints and suggestions presented on this forum. This is what the forum is for. Some criticisms have been outlandish but I feel there's a real need to comment on this team's failures as much as any success we have seen or might see.

  4. I and many of the posters on this site are not middle aged.

  5. I am a male but again, not every poster is.

  6. I am not fat, neither are many posters.

  7. I played high school football and I've gathered that in general but not always, those who have had a few years of playing real football are few steps ahead of the general public in understanding the game.

Please keep the blanket generalizations out of whatever it is you have to say or at least say you're generalizing.

i am glad we signed dyakowski.
the off season we did add some great players
i think if things continue it'll be labour day when the nfl has their cuts.
i don't know who you would trade for to be honest possibly for rambo injcalgary, as i don't think nik lewis will be traded.

We need a BIG signing eh? Well who's out there that we can get right now? The Geroy Simon's of the world aren't at home on their couches waiting to be signed, they've been picked up already.

I liked Gause in his first game. I thought he was an improvement on what we had and I think he played better than Collier, the much heralded man who once had 10 sacks in Ottawa. And someone earlier mentioned that we were getting run over, I'd argue that point. I didn't notice Charles Roberts getting good yards until the very end of the night in garbage time.

Wow. By your own calculation, the differance between Player of the Year and mediocre is 8 sacks...do I have that right? What kind of stats did Joe have in his FIRST CFL game?

You should be the new GM. You really do know the game. You have instilled fear in me, reminiscent of how Joe scared all other CFL offenses during his time! I just can't compete with your vast knowledge and understanding of pro football...

Do us all a favour...get away from your keyboard and put your real talents to use...go to Ivor Wynne Stadium and see if you can get a sitdown with the real the GM and Head Coach...

I'm certain that they'll be embarrassed that they haven't thought to try any of the ideas that come instantly to your mind. I'm sure you can show them the error of their ways and point them in the direction of the Grey Cup.

Who would you like them to sign? Give me one free agent that you would like to see come to Hamilton who you know (in your infinite wisdom) would be an impact player?

the only guy i'd sign is clifford ivory.

Mike Vick (Before you get all riled up CATSROAR, that's a joke)

As a sidenote, whatever did happen with Tim Cheatwood?