A Grand Idea

The last few days have been very interesting for me on this forum, we have fans from other teams coming on here and telling us to relax, which I actually agree with and we have our own fans saying that they are tired of waiting and being told to relax and that something should be done for them.

So for all of you who want something done, why don't you suit up and go on that field and play football and get Hamilton it's first win of the season? I'll tell you why you won't, because all of you who are complaining day in and day out are middle aged men with massive beer bellies who may have had a glory day in high school and now you think you know eveything about football.

Why don't you let our qualified players do their job, they are trying hard, we can at least all see that, they will get the wins.

Maybe you people could keep this in mind next time you start your 'Let's cut (insert name here) or 'Boycott The Game' threads. It's much easier for any of us to be Arm Chair Quarterbacks than it is for Maas to be a professional one and Hindsight is always 20/20.

Now I'm sure that I will take a lot of heat for this thread and that I don't have 100 posts so my point may be 'moot' to you, I don't really care anymore, I come on here to make my opinions of my favorite CFL team, not to suck up to this forums 'elite' so let the fun begin, I am sure Argoconvert will be the first to respond.

I don't have a beer belly and besides just because a person cannot play at a professional level doesn't mean he/she can't recognize profesional level play. If you think otherwise may I suggest the you look in the mirror to see an elitist. Did I once say boycott? Did I say cut anyone besides Maas? Even then have have I really been saying that or have I been saying that he should not be playing and that he's untradeable? Hmmmmm. Apparently someone isn't paying attention and making foundless comments

I never once claimed that you, yourself said either of those things, I just said that you would be the first to respond, maybe you should start paying attention, especially since after yesterday I was just kidding around with you saying you'd be the first to respond.

The fact that we pay good money for tickets entitles us to at least give our $.02 don't you think?

Even after your explaination I still see it the same way

I completely agree, but, here's the point, you never go after the right people, you all go after players and Bob Young, The players are doing the best they can on the field with the crappy playcalling they are being given. I also think Taaffe should realize that without Maas being unable to go for the deep ball very often, that Maas shouldn't be in the game, that is not Maas' fault, it's Taaffe's for keeping him there. There are really only 2 people to blame Taaffe and Desjardins because he should be pulling the trigger on a big signing or trade and he doesn't seem to be looking.

Edit: I also furthermore feel that Taaffe's placement of players is horrible, a few weeks ago I mentioned that Holmes should be a fulltime SB with Lumsden in the backfield, that decision to me should seem obvious to a professional coach. Hage is also a bad choice at center but, this is not the players fault's but Taaffe's.

I agree actually. Maas is the onfield problem but Taffe is responsible for him being on the field

How can anyone pay attention, or possibly make a foundless comment to one of your posts?

You make no sense at all! "Even then have have I really been saying that or have I..." What does this mean? I couldn't finish reading your post because it gave me a headache trying to decipher it!

Isn't there a rule on these forums that you shouldn't type while drunk? If not, there should be...

Let's not respond while we are still enraged by other people's accusations that we have beer bellys and just start mashing our keyboards...let's count to ten and type clear, concise messages and hope that the Tiger-Cats organization will accept our constructive criticism even if we do happen have beer bellys and were really good football players in high school!

personal attack. pot meet kettle. Why not ask if I'm angry. You may be surprised at the answer

How do you know what the GM is doing? What proof do you have that doesn't seem to be looking? Are you in his meetings? Are you his assistant? Does he call you to ask your opinion on trades, and he hasn't picked up the phone in a while?

Please explain?

Doesn't seem mean anything to you?

Actually yes he does call me, we are best friends...of course I don't know for sure what he is doing but, from the obvious lack of tranactions or word on the rumor mill which most Ti Cat fans in Hamilton do actually know about in one way or another, Desjardins does not seem to be doing much. thank you for your inquiry.

good thing we have people like you keeping the rumor mill working with zero knowledge and wild speculation.

Huh? Show me a rumour or speculation

How exactly is it wild speculation that I said there was an obvious lack of transactions or signings when you can follow them on ticats.ca and nothing has been updated? You are right though.

Okay, so how do you think West and Gause played on Friday?

Gause did OK, he had a sack didn't he? Not many if any tackles..I don't recall West doing much of anything...why do you ask about them?

because you say that there hasn't been any new transactions...Gause had 2 tackles and a sack in his first game...this seems like a great new transaction to me...

oh wait, the rumor mill (I mean Hodgy) says there has been nothing happening player signing wise out of Ti-Cats land...

Oh Sorry Bud, i think you need your glasses, I said a BIG signing...you know someone who can come in and change our fortune, not a mediocre D-Lineman who only managed 2 tackles and a sack...again though...you're right.

That's great...I think I'd have a better conversation with a wall than with you.

2 tackles and a sack from a D-line is mediocre in your eyes?

You've proven to me that you know nothing about team football if you think that Gause only "managed" 2 tackles and a sack.

You're lack of knowledge about your favorite team (yet, you don't shy to give your opinion about it!) is giving the real Ti-Cats fans a bad name.