A goofy idea

Ok, I know this would be a goofy idea but still, I'll toss it out there.

We all know about teams wearing the old unies in their history from time to time. And I think most people sort of like this idea. Now what about this idea, which will never fly but still. How about for one game a year CFL teams wear an NFL jersey, team of their choice, and vica versa, NFL teams wear a CFL jersey, again team of their choice. All as agreed upon by the two leagues. To take the Buffalo in Toronto thing one step further to expand marketing attempts in each country.

Ok, blast away or we'll leave this thread at 0 responses. :smiley:

for what purpose??

to turn CFL fans onto NFL?

I have a better idea Earl, Lets let the expansion teams wear NFL jerseys.

Saskatoon could wear The Cardinals
Victoria could wear the Oakland Raiders (Pirates, Island)
Red Deer Could Wear Washington

Sorry Earl, As tongue and Cheek as that was, I really don't want to "Americanize" the CFL any more than it already is.

But hey, Its off season, its a different topic,

The title of the thread says it all!

I was expecting a disney story

...how about we just switch helmets....the nfl getting the leather ones....and our boys putting on the current nfl ones....that should really confuse everyone ..leaving us mind-boggled as we are already, about this game ...especially in T.O....WHERE APPARENTLY the power house Dolphins will play the Bills ...some attraction....now that is 'goofy'.... :lol:

I'd like to see uniform switching with the NHL/AHL.

The Argos could don skates and the Leafs cleats (it might even help them!).

Bombers/Moose etc.

Now THAT would be fun.....
and probably wouldn't affect the quality of football that we Hamilton fans have seen over the last few years. :slight_smile:

....very goofy idea Earl....you go straight to bed, no soup for you....

Yup, you can tell it's off season for sure and I'm bored.

True enough Mark as you say but I have a feeling this year the Cats are going all the way, exactly where all the way is I'm not certain but all the way none the less. :expressionless:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

...Earl, didn't mean to be mean :lol: ....but i know what you're talking about ...boredom sets in and people tend to get zany ideas....i know you'll recover... soon as t.c. opens up...then RedW will resume your soup quota... :lol:

then RedW will resume your soup quota...


Why don't we switch venues? Then Americans can really see what football is like in the winter. :lol:

How about, free tickets to USA citizens. Fill the stands and promote USA interest....as if...sigh

I have a great suggestion, how about the Eskimoes wear Green Bay uniforms and the Packers wear Edmonton uniforms and see if anyone notices.

On further reflection this idea goes beyond Goofy, it sounds more like a Mickey Mouse idea.

I read that as old undies... That would be a bit gross. Unless of course they were jm02's undies... :wink:

Even know its semi like that

Rams = Bombers
Eagles = Riders
Bills = Alouettes
Titans = Argos
Cardinals = Stamps
Packers = Eskies
Saints = Ti-Cats (gold needs to be yellow otherwise similar)
Bengals = BC (lil hard to justify)

I read that as old undies... That would be a bit gross. Unless of course they were jm02's undies
I call dibs

...how on Earth did my unmentionables get into this convo?? :?

If anyone's unmentionables are going to be mentioned here, yours are the first that come to mind...I mean, good God, whos are they gonna talk about? Mine?

Excuse me here please, are we talking clean undies or filthy undies, a big difference here that needs to be mentioned. :lol: