A Good Win At An Important Time

Great to have a convincing win like this, even if it was against the Ticats. We took control of the game and I think we're building some much needed confidence.

Good on Geroy for stepping up and speaking through his actions as well as his words...he was obviously frustrated with things and did what he had to on his part to make a difference. I love the fact that he pulls no punches...he's a real "leader" on the team, which is why he's my favorite. Clermont had a great game, as usual. Kudos to Buck too...he's our man - he uses all our weapons and distributes the passes so that the opposition never really knows where it's going. Logan - what can I say?...the guy's awesome and is speedy as hell out there. The D pressured all game long...at least half a dozen sacks?! It was a total team effort and should help ease the tension that comes with losing.

Very satisfying performance...I have faith that we're on track and anyone who takes this team lightly should be worried.

Just makes me wonder what would our record be if Wally went with Buck as a starter earlier than he did?
He is just in complete control of our offence and getting everyone involved. There were just way too many 2 and outs with J-Jack as as the starter.

Anyways, it sets up a biggie next Saturday and I can hardly wait!

I wanted to see a little more Jessie Lumsden and a little less KC Printers, and yes, very nice set up indeed!!!

wow great thing to add to report card
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Hard to say. Buck was pretty dinged up at the beginning. Now that he has had weeks to recover, he is looking better than ever. Also, our offensive scheme didn't start improving until 3 games ago. Chap's offense was very vanilla early on the season. I was pulling my hair out during that time. Now we see them using Logan out of the back field, screen passes and 2 back sets. We never really saw that early on and I think even with Pierce in there, the team would have been the same. Our O line didn't play with the edge either. Now we are seeing Murphy playing with that edge and Pierce has A LOT of time to throw.

A great QB like Tom Brady always has a lot of time to throw the ball.

Yes, this team is good. Buck is the real deal and if he's healthy it's not out of this world to suggest at least hosting the Western Semi-Finals.

I have a feeling we might beatdown on the farmers coming in on Saturday. To make up for handing the game in week 2.

We'd be challenging Sask for first place if not owning it outright.

BP is the real deal. It's a bit wierd because the the week Dickenson gets knocked out for good, Buck steps up. It's like the old version was retired, and the new one came out. Buck is so very Dickenson v2.0. Watching Buck play is like double vision. Dickenson before he got his bell rung so many times.

It will be a big test on Saturday. NO taking it easy in practice. Lions must be ready for a very good Rider team.