A good time, not a long time?

Interesting comments by Lancaster in the National Post today about Jason Maas – and his injuries. Not going to have a long career? How injured is this guy?
The link is here http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/news ... 39a0ea&p=2

"I need to get him to relax a little bit," Lancaster surmised. "You know, he finally got his chance to come in here and be the starter. He looked forward to being the starter. He's already a fiery-type individual anyway, and when he comes in here and things aren't going well, he just wants to work harder and get more fired up."
Lancaster likes a quarterback who stays on an even keel, which has never described Maas. "We've had so many bad plays fuelin' and stokin' the fire within him -- and he's got a lot of it. I'm going to try and slow him down a bit. That's what I'm going to start working on as soon as we get back to practice."
Then there's the question of whether or not Maas is damaged goods.
"He does have some injuries he's going to have forever," Lancaster admits. "He's had shoulder problems and elbow problems that get sore, but that's going to be part of his career. He's not going to have a real long career, so he wants to have a good career."

"He's not going to have a real long career"? :roll:

That doesn't sound good!

Thanks castaway for this article.

My translated version of this article:
Jason, get it done this year enough to make the team want you back next year to really get it done or else it's probably the end of the line for you in pro ball.

Grrrreaaattt... Did they know about these injuries and if so why didn't they keep Joseph?

Exactly how long is "not a long time"? A few months? Maybe it's a few more years. With the way it was going this year, with him being smacked around and not getting enough time to do anything, clearly "not a long time" is a very short period of time.

Things are changing now... at least we're being told they are. If these changes bring us some wins, Jason could go into the off season with some much needed confidence - then get some rest and care for those injuries, and he could come out in great shape for next season, and more to follow.

People have complained so much about Lancaster - why are you chosing to believe what he's saying now?

My thoughts are the same!Joseph and armstead would of fit in this team better then that whiner named Maas!

Sports careers have to end when injuries
significant to a player's specific position
seriously restrict what that player can do.*

IMO, Jason's injuries fit that category
in terms of passing the football.

Arthritis may tie up his shoulder joint
and restrict his throwing motion.

or his abdominal muscles may strain
more easily and frequently as he ages.

Don't get me started on this age thing.

Without such injuries a player can keep playing
well past what once was considered old.

Many baseball pitchers continue
who are well past the age of 40.

Not sure I follow the logic of putting this info out to the opposition or the fans.

It doesn't help his trade value, opponents can focus attention on injured area as they are prone to do and the fan's might feel ripped paying to watch damaged goods.

Good point, Edmonton sure didn't talk about it. Lancaster seems a bit silly this year with how much he gives away to the media.

Well if thats the case, from now on you'll have to limit his reps during the season and training camp.Trying to keep him healthy is the # 1 priority, do not overwork him and shut him down, even if does'nt want to.This also makes it more important to have limited turnover in the WR's to maximize familiarity.

The question is the standard of time Ronnie is using. Ronnie Standard Time for a long career would be what...his time? He retired when he was 40.

Danny Mac was 40 in his last year here. He was 38 when Lancaster left the sideline after 2003.

Most quarterbacks don't make it to 35 because they aren't good enough to stick. So what is Ronnie's yardstick to measure longevity, so to speak? His longevity?

All I want for Jason is to complete his contract here on a successful team. That gets us to what? 2008?

The issue for me is how much is his current injuries (abdominals and hip pointer) affecting his throwing mechanics as a long-term issue regarding his shoulder.

He can still throw the 30-yard out -- but in Paopao's offense that is to a wideout 4 yards off the line of scrimmage, with a receiver parked from a curl or a stop route. I think he still has a lot of zip on the ball in the intermediate zones, but since when have we seen guys in open space on crossing routes and slants getting hit in those areas? I could count them on the hand I have counted offensive TDs on the last month!

I am sure Ritchie Williams has a bigger arm than Jason Maas from the little I have seen him play. That means squat in the larger scheme of things. I'm a Raiders fan in the NFL and I see Jeff George has been summoned from his rocking chair. He's a cannon arm that can't couldn't hit the broadside of a barn. You need football smarts to utilize your skillsets. I'm not saying Williams doesn't have them, but he hasn't played enough to make a definite judegement on that point. Maas at least has and has excelled in the league with Edmonton.

The issue for me is whether Jason's underthrows are from a defective shoulder. I have seen little imagination on deep routes. Running fly patterns deep (20 yard and more) exclusively from our wideouts is not imaginative.

I feel Maas has to put the ball up too long to hit guys as plays are currently designed. Flick and Ralph were outfought for the ball on two picks last week (one by Maas, the other by Eakin) on plays that were jumpballs.

For me, the measure in Canadian ball is whether a QB can hit guys at full speed on a 20-25 yard route on a flatter plane than on an out pass. I think Maas can do this. It comes down to whether you have guys in the slot who can get there (I know Corey Holmes could if he wasn't played in the slot once every 6 games or so), so it comes down to narrowing the passing ranges horizontally and allowing Jason to throw downfield crisper.

I'm a fan and I see this.

Oski Wee Wee,

I am working on my fan column at the moment, so I will have more observations in general in that.

Oski Wee Wee,

translation for the article: "Man, we really got screwed in that troy davis trade, and hopefully this Maas kid improves his trade stock."

jason is not damaged goods what that means is after practice or after a game jason ices his shoulder and last week he cut open his elbow, everyone already knew jason has had back surgery that certainly is not a surprise to anyone, so you did not get damaged goods from edmonton, most players ice after a game, the hip-pointer and ab muscle happened here, I will say this again jason is not the only one to blame for players not catching the ball, i think we can agree this has been a terrible team effort, I know thats how the players feel, lets hope with all the changes made in the past few days we will see better results, but I sure would not expect them overnight, everyone on the team needs to go to a new way of thinking, and get away from the way they were playing, they need to get away from the personna of losing, and think about winning again.

Boy - you guys make me laugh! Always complaining about a quarterback, & when he's gone, they want him back again.
Look at how many threads are asking for Danny Mac again.
How about all the 'other' quaterbacks we 'ran out-of-town'? Do the names Clements, Kerrigan, Cavillio ring a bell?

The Eagle - :thup: :thup: :thup:

Put a proper OLine in front of Maas.

Give him a playbook that is not entirely predictable, and utilises all the players on the field

Let him develop a couple "go-to guys" like Darren Flutie was for Danny Mac...

And then, but only then, start the criticism...

If Jason Maas is injured as Lancaster indicates, he likely is damaged goods even if he didn't arrive here that way.

Our offensive line can take most of the responsibility for this. This area of the team must change, and soon.
Coach Sal will certainly make a difference, but even he isn't a miracle worker.
I believe that the "O" line is the most important functioning (or in our case, non-functioning) part of a football team's success or demise. It also takes the longest to develop and become a cohesive unit. We are nowhere near that point. Hence, our #1 QB has possible career ending injuries.

On the other hand, rocky123, Ron Lancaster just added
two American OTs, Dave Hack and Seth Dittman in 1998[?]
and we only allowed 8 sacks against us all that year.

Boy - you guys make me laugh! Always complaining about a quarterback, & when he's gone, they want him back again.
Look at how many threads are asking for Danny Mac again.
How about all the 'other' quaterbacks we 'ran out-of-town'? Do the names Clements, Kerrigan, Cavillio ring a bell?

The Eagle - :thup: :thup: :thup:
don't forget Damon Allen was here in '92, and we let him go cause he was washed up........

I wouldn't include Kerrigan in that list,we did bring him back in the 95 and 96 seasons. 96 he was supposed to be only coaching but then we were so desperate we put him in at QB again. I remember the 'chat' we were at when they announced that one.