A Good Start To The Season

The Cats have had terrible starts to their season for far too long.
They have lost their season opener's for what seems forever.
I looked back and found we were 0 for 1 or worse to start every season since 2007.
I wanted to look further but the 3and15, 2and16 seasons prior to 2007 were to depressing to see!
We have had a very good team for the last 3 years under Marcel but he never had them ready to win on opening day.
They started 0 and 2 every season under Marcel's watch.
I am looking forward to this trend to change this season under Coach Cortez and Burris.
IMHO this is the best team the Cats have fielded in a long time and I am hoping for positive results starting from game one.

Agreed. I would love to start the season with a win for a change. A blow-out even? Dare to dream.

But just curious how a team could start worse than 0 for 1. Could they lose so badly they go into negatives? :wink:

A few early wins can go a long way for a team. It builds confidence quickly and hopefully we can get an early jump out front of a strong Eastern division. I too am sick of losing game one every year, but I can't see us losing week 1 to the Riders, the Riders are just not a good team.

The last time we won the first game of a season was in 2004, that's far too long. With a trip to B.C coming up in week 2, it's imperative that we get a win against Saskatchewan on Friday.

That was the year when McManus had over 1,000 yards passing after the first two games. I'd be surprised if anyone in all of pro football has ever reached 1,000 that fast - before or since.

Not true. The team started 1-1 in 2009. They lost their home opener to the Argos in Week 1 and then went on the road and beat the Lions in Week 2.

With home games against the Riders, Argos and Als, and road games against the Lions and Riders, I actually think the Cats have a chance to start 4-1 or 5-0. At the absolute worst, the team should be 3-2 at the end of July. Anything worse than 3-2 (and personally, I believe anything worse than 4-1) would be unacceptable. As Winnipeg proved last year, a hot start can do wonders.

To take this a little further I think the worst we will be going into Labour Day is 5-3 although if we can steal a few games on the road in the Peg and Montreal we could go into Labour Day with a 7-1 or 6-2 record (both those records involve a loss in week 2, but even then we seem to have BC's number lately in BC)

The BC game is the only one I'm willing to chalk up as a loss, but the Cats have won in BC the last three years (only one of those games was at BC Place, however), so that's why I say that 5-0 is possible. They should win their homes games and the road game in Saskatchewan. So four wins at the end of the July is entirely doable, and it should probably be what we expect.

And I agree, if you look further ahead, the Cats could be 6-2 when Labour Day rolls around. They will have to win in either Montreal or Winnipeg to make that happen, which is no easy feat, but I don't see why they can't. If the Cats are going to be a championship team, they have to start winning on the road. I can't think of a better place to notch a couple early season wins than in Winnipeg and Montreal. The very worst this team should be, if it is as good as we all think it is, is 5-3 at heading into Labour Day. Anything short of that will be, in my opinion, a huge disappointment.

I wouldn’t worry too much, look at BC last year 0 - 5 to start then winning the Grey Cup. Took 5 games for Lulay to hit his stride.

No worries if they start the season losing a few games. In the CFL it is who is hot at the end rather than the beginning of the season.


Tell that to the Bombers. Without their hot start last year, they don't get to the Grey Cup. They may have lost, but they still got there. They had a chance to win it all and they would not have had that chance had they not started 7-1 last year. A good start can keep you ahead of the competition, which makes the end of the season easier.

What BC did was a statistical anomaly and really not something Hamilton or any team should bank on going forward. The rest of BC's division was rebuilding in the second half of last year, which allowed BC to jump into contention. In most years, though, going 0-5 might land you out of the playoffs; even if you do make it, it's probably third in the division or as a wildcard.

I think Hamilton can and should aspire to a hot start to the year. The Cats have a favourable schedule in the early going, and are starting the season off facing a 6-12 team that looked awful in both its preseason games and that has question marks on both sides of the ball. Saskatchewan's secondary against Burris, Fantuz, & co.? Cortez should lay the hammer down, this is absolutely a game you should expect to win.

Try and tell this forum that. If we lose to the Riders this place will blow up and we will only be 0-1 at that point.

My thoughts exactly, and with the departure of Lance Frazier and the return of Geoff Tisdale to the Hammer the expectation just keeps growing.

If we can't win at home against the Riders, that's a legitimate cause for concern.

Oh trust me I know. I will be extremely concerned if we cannot defeat the Riders, we should dismantle this team. I was just making a point that people on this forum will worry more than they will ever celebrate ESPECIALLY when this team gets off to slow starts.

If we can't win at home against the Riders, that's a legitimate cause for concern.
Let the causes for concern begin!

0-8 in the last 8 season openers.

Pathetic and embarrassing.

I'm frankly surprised that fans show up for season openers at this point. It's beyond ridiculous how this team is unable to get a W to start the season.

How does the song go…And the beat goes on and on and on and on fade to Sonny Bono!