A Good Sign...?

Terrence Edwards could be a good fit here as he was released by Montreal. Maybe when we play the Alouettes with Edwards in the line up he will play with a chip on his shoulder and maybe win us a game over thoes Als. Just A thought...

I just watched some videos of Edwards at Georgia and he was quite the receiver. But when I went to view the last video it said error and I closed the page but if I find it again I'll post the link.

This is the only one I found on You Tube...


Nice idea, but he was released because he signed an Arena Football contract while under contract to the Als. Given the opportunity to clear it up and stand by his contract with the Als...he said he was going to the AFL anyway.

He won't be the only AFL player to come available once their season is over.


But he might be one who does not get a chance to sign with any CFL team.

Signing with one league when one has a valid contract with another is a great idea for having people knocking on your door.


Why does everyone forget we have 4 running backs already?

Terrence Edwards is a receiver, you're thinking of his brother, Robert Edwards, who also plays for the Alouettes...for now.