A good section to party in ?

Hey Guys,
My Bro & I are going to be at the game this Saturday , July 7th vs. the Bombers. We usually have promos courtesy O'Shea(We're in North Bay), but this is short notice.
Is there a particular section known for having a very good time ! Not stupid, abusive wasted. Just given to drink, loud and good cheer. We like harrassing the opposition, but play CFL Fantasy and have been known to enjoy a big play by opposition players on our FF Clubs.
Thanks Guys.
ps. You realize the Ti-Cat Message Board is totally active and has a real cool football chick that knows her stuff. Let's keep it real.
Peace out.

That's because with the retooling of this site, the people at MRX merged the old message board from ticats.ca with the "Ti-Cat Forum" here. What's more, haven't you noticed that the Ti-Cat section is the only one with a "Suggestions" forum? Not that I'm complaining, just pointing it out.

Yea, come to think of it....The Ti-Cat web site is formatted just like CFL.ca. (I have to go there to research players. Although I've divested myself of every Ti-Cat but Flick. Will he come around ?)
Does this mean Bob Young is behind the cfl.ca upgrades and other stuff ?
So Mongo Dude, does your signature imply that you like company in your section ? 206 is pretty good seating right ? Don't start sweating it ! If your a complete sociopath all into yourself, just say the word and we won't bug ya.....but if your a complete sociopath all into football, we'll look ya up !

both cfl and the ticats site is developed by MRX. MRX is owned by Robert Young and Robert Katz is a principal, the same as the Ticat owner ship

If you looking for a good section 121 and the Double Blue Crew, are good to party with. we tailgate outside the dome before everygame, stop by. its in a parking lot on Bremner, between ACC and the rogers centre.
go to www.argofans.com for more info

Probably not Bob Young himself, but he does own MRX which operates not only the Ti-Cat site, but I believe the Stamps site too.

Well, here's the thing: For the past few seasons before this one, I was based in section 118 (hence the 118_1_5 in my monicker), and I developed quite a rapport with the other mainstays of the section. However, the guys started getting a little too rowdy for me (how I never got neck trauma from them repeatedly banging the top of my circa '93 helmet is amazing), so I opted for a relocation, and the Argos put me in 206. I might relocate again next year because one of my buds has hinted that he's interested in season tix for 2007, and we'd like to sit together if he does end up getting them.

And for those hunting these guys (and gals, since I faintly remember a femme or two amongst them) down, you can't miss them. All of them wear jerseys with "00" on them.