A good read.

Just thought I'd share a decent artice about Lancaster from BC, nice dig at the Argos on the '96 fumble/non-fumble.

[url=http://www.canada.com/theprovince/news/sports/story.html?id=daaea018-96c0-4b9f-bdf6-5d3111aeee44]http://www.canada.com/theprovince/news/ ... 3111aeee44[/url]

and it was so a fumble.

Yes, yes it was a fumble!

Nice Read :thup: Thanks for that!

I need my memory refreshed. How much time was left and what was the score at the time of the “fumble”??

I believe in whatever an official says.

An Argo fan

Of the many (75) Grey Cups I have personally observed, the officials call regarding that fumble was the all time ugliest.

I was a Ron Lancaster fan way back then. :twisted:

I generally cut the officials more slack than most, but Flutie shoulda gave his MVP prizes to Jake Ireland that year (a la his gesture to Masotti in '97). Jake was truly the MVP that game - he won the argos the Grey Cup with one call. Remember, it wasn't just a fumble, but a fumble about to be returned for an Edmonton touchdown.

I wonder if replay was used in 96 what would have been the result of that fumble?

With Jake reviewing himself I have no doubt what his conclusion would be.

There should be an independent official reviewing calls in playoffs.

Thanks also from me Canuckle, enjoyed this.

It probably wouldn't have been reviewable.

A fumble call is reviewable.

It wasn't a fumble call, it was down by contact, which isn't (at least wasn't in 1996) reviewable bye NFL rules, which is what CFL replay rules are based on.

Actually the ruling was forward progress stopped (Flutie was never actually down) which is even less reviewable than "down by contact" (if it's possible for something to be "even less reviewable").

Cheers to an honest Argo fan who can finally admit that Leon X-Ray McQuay wasn't down and did fumble away the 71 Cup.

If only the refs agreed with you the last time we played in Toronto. Then the Holmes play that was blown dead in the 4th quarter would have stood, and they would never have retroactively declared that he'd actually fumbled and that surely the Argos would have recovered it had the whistle not been blown. And we might have won.

I still have nightmares about that one. I think that one play actually has kept Leo Cahill out of the HOF. He'd have at least 1 Grey Cup under his belt and might be considered. Nevertheless, I have forgiven the late Leon McQuay wherever he is.

An Argo fan

That's because the NFL "tweaked" their rule to allow that to be challengeable, if the refs let the play go on without blowing the whistle (they've been instructed to try to do so).
I think ref in the argo game mis-interpreted that rule since the whistle did blow just as the Argo player was about to pick up the ball.
When George Black tried to back up his ref, he stated the change in the NFL rule, but conveniently left out the part about not blowing the play dead.