A Good Problem

I've been thinking about our DB situation and I think we have a bit of a problem.

Who starts?

We have Dwight Anderson, Lawrence Garden, Richard Karikari, Tay Cody, Jykine Bradley, and Phillip Gauthier.

Obviously we can't afford to start all of them, so who makes the cut?

Karikari and Cody FOR SURE.

Anderson was great tonight. Obviously the tape of the game will yield areas he will have to work on, but he seems to be aggressive on the ball.

Kordic has made a case to be considered. I haven't heard too much about him in camp, but I think Gauthier is being pushed!

Gordon and Bradley will play next week, I guess. Well, they have to step up.

It's only one game, yet one's Spockian eyebrow goes up when the DBs are out there getting picks and playing hard!

Oski Wee Wee,

I think Gordon and Anderson should be the starting cornerbacks. Although he played well tonight on the corner, I'd still rather see Karikari as our starting safety instead of Shaw. It's a nice problem to have for sure.

Thats what Ive been saying for 2 year (about Shaw) mighty one. BUT Karikari played well at corner...

With the 46 man roster (counting the reserves) and the depth of Canadian talent we have, I'd be surprised if Anderson and Gordon don't both make the team. Cody of-course and Karikari. Shaw as well.

With vets Cody, Gordon, Beveridge, Shaw, Bradley, Gauthier, Kornegay, and Timothee, as well as impressive newcomers Karikari, Anderson, Kordic, Radon, Roberts, Pride, and Pitts, this year our secondary will have great starters and quality depth.

Fans laughed at the Ticats last year because they thought the team was a complete disaster. "What five year plan?" people were shouting. But over the past three seasons, while Marshall and his assistants did everything they could to drive the team into the ground, McCarthy and Smith have added a lot of talented players. This will continue, and battles for jobs and backup spots will only get more heated, making the team stronger.