A Good Place

Okay everyone I know that we have had a lot of negativity floating around here lately and rightly so but I think it is time to take a deep breath and get to that good place so that we can impart some good positive vibes to the Riders going into the play-offs. We all have to realize that the team and coaches are what they are and we can't change them this late in the season so we better try to do the best we can with that which we have. Last season there was a poster Zbest who would post uplifting posts to raise the spirits of the fans and the team. It always seemed to work and the week after the post the Riders would be that much better. So who has got that inspirational speech to help get the fans and the team to that good place where the 13th man stays in the stands and the Riders win the CUP!!

Huidini. :lol:

Thank you for being positive. This should be an exciting time of year, we are hosting a playoff game for the 4th year in a row and that is something to be proud of! There is nothing like a playoff football game in Saskatchewan. Things change very quickly in the CFL and the Riders have a chance to turn things around. When our offense gets going they can carry this team and I believe they will do it!

Enjoy it while we can Boys, cause this might be our last Home Playoff game for a while!...

No negativity in these parts pardner, :cowboy:

trust me I don’t want to be…

I want them to win!

That’s the spirit and they will win despite our best efforts to undermine the process. It would be wonderful if the Riders could win every regular season game and waltz through the playoffs into the Grey Cup stomping on our opposition. But football seasons don’t often happen that way. So it is our job as the good stalwart fans we are to cheer and pick them up however we can whether it’s by writing a nice thing or two about them in this forum or wearing that lucky Rider jersey for the next month until we win the cup (alright you can wash it once or twice if you have to). I know things don’t appear to be unfolding as we think they should but overcoming adversity and triumphing is the sign of a champion football team and I know that the guys we call the Saskatchewan Roughriders are champions.

Taman, Daley and company have been lulling the rest of the league into thinking they are incompetent. They are getting other teams to be complacent, and also our own fans to be negative. But its all a plan!

Now, when it matters most, the Rider players will be pissed at us naysayers, and will win just to spite us! Other teams will take them for granted and be caught flat-footed! WE WILL TRIUMPH!

Hasn't anyone here seen Major League??? (Oh, please God, no! Image of Daley and Taman in one of that lady owner's bikinis! MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!!! :twisted: :twisted: )

Very good idea to post a positive topic for a change. I support this! :thup:

Good job, Dusty. It's funny because earlier this week, I was thinking the same thing, except I had Thryllin in mind for the motivational speeches.

It's like anyone who goes to work. If you bosses are constantly berating you, even in the good times (and there has definitely been constant berating this year, even after wins), you lose motivation no matter how much you try to tune it out. And the fans are indirectly the bosses. I think it very unfair, unkind and unproductive to be constantly dumping on the team. As the saying goes, if you are looking for mistakes, look in the mirror rather than a microscope. It's why you don't see many posts from me in all those negative threads, at least not in support of the negativity.

I beleive
If changes are to be made the Rider brass will take care of that after the season.
Im agreeing with hit em hard if they loose the next two and win the last three can you imagine that, quite possible the greatest comeback in CFL history. People would talk about this forever. Its like Tillman said in this province when your born you get a green "S" stamped on your bum. Remember cheering for the Riders is a privalage and a right these boys have done amazing things all season long.
Durant never quits they have to drag him out.
Cates once again he proved make a hole and 20 yard runs will be common place, we beleived in him for years when we got him from calgary he looks stronger and more solid then ever.
The canadian air force with their american co-pilot unbeleiveable "every team wants them".
Our D, they say were to small to that I say so is Weston Dressler and so was Ron Lancaster.
They say we only won the G.C. three times, rider fans know those three were sweeter than all the rest put together.
Its been 100 years and the green and white will still be fighting 100 years from now, the boys on the field no whats at stake, time to back them up, our parents didnt give up on them and its not going to start now.
I've talked alot of smack this year but the chips are down and I only wish I could stand sholder to sholder with these guys, got my ticket to the last regular season game and Im not going down without a fight, the riders wont, WILL YOU!

Great idea, too easy to get wrapped up in what's going wrong. Good thing about every interview I've seen with the players is that they don't pay any attention to the armchair QBs on sites like this. This team has been to the GC 2 of the last 3 years. They know what it takes to win and that it doesn't matter what happens at the start of the season but what you do during the playoffs. So Go Green, believe in yourselfs guys, tie a string on your finger or whatever it takes to motivate yourselfs for the playoff run. It's going to be so much fun to watch Burris crying on the sidelines at the end of the WF and then winning it all against Hamilton in the GC.

I can't think of a better way to celebrate 100 years than to win the GC. :rockin:

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: