A good omen?

The other sports team I have an interest in, the Carolina Railhawks of the NASL soccer league have advanced to the league championship finals. The omen? They got there by beating Montreal. :wink:


The impact of that is being felt. LOL :wink:

But if they win the League Championship Series, I'm not sure if much can be read into that. Their opponents are the Puerto Rico Islanders. :slight_smile:

Good luck to the RailHawks anyway.

Congratulations to you and your group Bob !

Caretaker are you thinking of names for our new NASL team in Hamilton yet? :rockin:

Imagine the poor sportscaster that has to say........And now, live from Estadio Juan Ramon Loubriel, Bayamon, Puerto Rico, we bring you NASL soccer

.....what a mouthful ! :lol: :lol:


It would kind go with this

Anyways, hope the Railhawks do good. I can't stand Impact or TFC fans, although I'm to understand Puerto Rico has been one of NASL's stronger teams for some time.

As a side note, if NASL comes to Hamilton, it's really a shame we can't just steal West Ham's Logo.

Congrats Caretaker. You should mention that to some folks at RTH who think that you are not, how shall I try to interpret what they say, not the most skilled pro sports owner out there. :wink:

Now for Hamilton's team? How about the Hamilton Eisenburglars, we'll be stealing the balls from the opponents just like someone in Hamilton has perhaps stolen something for a WH stadium. Well, trying to at any rate. 8)