A GOOD OMEN for The TIGERCATS & LIONS this week …

Looks like Hamilton & BC may win again this week…….

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Luke got a wee bit upset after I removed the carcass.
It wasn’t an Alouette at least :wink:

Luke would never catch a lark.

You should never have removed the carcass, at least wait for a few days. You should let Luke savior the kill. Let him get back to his animal nature for awhile


When I was a kid my dear old mom got upset when 'Puddy Cat' brought her a present one day and left it at her feet. It was still moving...

"Puddy Tat" was showog your mom respect as he/she sees her as the head of the pack. "Puddy Tat" was looking for acknowledgement for the kill


If 'screaming' is 'acknowledgement'... he got plenty of that. :grin:


Luke and his bigger brother Gus once put a dead possum on my front porch by the door.

I got biggest cats in Texas.

Frogs too.
Calvados County down here

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You know.

I told Luke that I’ll cook that poor mouse with no head for my dinner,

That’s how TIGERCATS & LIONS show love

It may be a bad week for Montréal!
I do love the Canadiéns!!!!
Good ole days …..

Luckily this one had no head!

No, Luke is 14 years old and has had some diarrhea episodes lately so I didn’t want him to get sick.

Luke ate the best part of the mouse, the brain, eyes. He knows the mouse might have parasite inside of him just by smelling him

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Just the head cheese,
Pure DNA,

Yeah, well Luke got sick this morning and won’t eat. I just got him Gerbrr baby food meat to eat
Still won’t eat it.
Doesn’t seem to be drinking water too.
He is 13
Kidneys may be going….

My buddy who is going to Italy just brought his cat over for me to take care of for the next two weeks. Penelope is her name. Another omen?