A good free-agent WR

Could thyron anderson help the blue bombers. If milt call it quits?

Could a receiver who was RELEASED outright by the worst team in the CFL (Hamilton) help the Bombers?


no he can't. but you wanna know something between armstrong and edwards we still have a strong recieving corps so we don;t need to mess with it

trevor gaylor is a free agent as we speak… tony miles and matt domininguez are potential free agent… all of which i would pick over thyron anderson… id even bring kwame cavil back, or start chris brazzell rather then bring thyron anderson here

We dont need them. Whats wrong With Armstrong, Edwards and Franklin? they are more then capable.

Instead of spending money on WR's which we dont need, I would worry more about re-signing some important players. Like Canada, Goodspeed etc.

well said slither. we have dam good recievers with or without milt. and free agents are a worry lot of big names that we need back