A good day for the CFL by STEPHEN BRUNT Globe and Mail

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It is a good day for the Canadian Football League.

A big-time talent has returned to the fold in the form of Casey Printers, presumably to play out his career here now that the National Football League has said no thanks.

Having watched him star for the B.C. Lions and be named the league's most valuable player, understanding that he ought to just be coming into his own as a quarterback, it's hard to believe he didn't find a home somewhere south of the border, given his considerable talents.

Great Article from Brunt.

hopefully this will lead the change in hamilton for the good and possibly a new stadium down the road.

Good read, they keep this up and I might actually lay down some coin for a print copy of this paper from time to time. :wink:

Well stated by Steven Brunt (he's a TiCat fan of course).