A good coach

A good coach does not ignore a idiotic move like a QB spiking a ball in front of the other teams bench after the one and only first down of the half. A good coach sits down a receiver (rookie)who drops crucial balls then celebrates a routine catch. A good coach finds ways to put the ball in the hands of your best players. And finally any coach who has ever seen a CFL game knows you don't hand the ball backwards 4 yards when you only need half a yard for the first down.This team has some talent we just need a good coach. I elect Danny Mac!

I want the last 20 seconds of my life back after reading this.

I feel cheated.

I've said all along that we need a new Coach.... Taaffe is a Moron....

If you want to fire the coach then fine, but who would you replace him with.

It's easy to just rant on here bout the coaching getting fired. How about you try something constructive and give some quality replacements with your firing critiscm.

what i get really miffed is how charlie gets angry at a challenge when the refs CAN"T challenge a certain call. it's up to the staff to know the damn rules. this happened at least 3 times last year and my buddies and me get a good chuckle every time i see taaffe wave his hand at the refs when they announce the play can't be challenged.

Taaffe wonders around on the sidelines like he's lost.... He has surrounded himself with a sub par Coaching staff and regularly makes the wrong decision at key times....

this is all joe paopao's fault.

Wow I can't help but think you are a moron for that statement. We were getting gyped on calls and Taaffe was trying to make a point with the refs that he didn't like the calls and wanted them to do better. He knew the rules therefore he could break the rules.

yeah moron, like i said it's not just about this game.you can't waste challenges and if he was trying to get to the refs fine, you're right, but personally i don't think he has a grasp a lot of the rules, etc.

8) ..... or Ron Lancasters fault !!!!! :wink:

have bob young drive a dump truck full of cash and dump it on the lawn of one...DON MATTHEWS.

if ANYONE can get this team to play disiplined, its THE DON!!!!

I realize the comment below is intended as sarcasm, but I feel cosmically obliged to endorse any criticism of Joe Paopao, regardless of whether it is grounded in reality. :wink:

Read again, it says Danny Mac and I am willing to place a bet that before the end of this season Danny Mac will be the new head coach of the Ti Cats.

Bob Young ain't no of Sherwood Shwartz, LEO1

Oh you were actually serious. What makes you think that Danny would be such a great HC in the CFL. This is his foray into coaching. He's not even the official QB coach yet and you're electing him as head coach. That makes no sense.


Actually there is a guy who's unemployed and would be an immediate improvement over Taffe.

Not bloody likely, Paopao already proved he wasn't a good coach and thus still unemployed.

Actually he was on the field Thursday night.
He works for the Alouettes.

He seems to be having fun in his role with the Als. But its part time. He owns the quote of the week for me.

Paopao"I tought I knew football, then I met Mark Trestman"

Then why do I feel like I've been stuck on Gilligan's Island for the last 3 years?