A good CFL book, any others out there?

[url=http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/search?keywords=9781896239699&pageSize=10]http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/sea ... ageSize=10[/url]

Just finsihed reading this one, good eye opener. I know the Bobby Ackles was a good one, didn't really enjoy the warren moon one though.

Try Goin' Deep by Matt Dunigan.

There was a Hamilton Tiger Cat Book produced in the early 90.s . May have been done by the Ti Cats fan club, It was a compilation of memorabilia photo,s submitted by fan,s _ It Was hard cover coffee table format.

I liked Bigger balls by Jeff Giles, I don't agree with everything in the book but enjoyed reading it.

"Huddling Up" (don't know the author) is a great snapshot of the game in the 1970s. There are also a couple of good books by Frank Cosentino, one of which is called "A Passing Game". It's basically a history of the league from the 60s to the 90s. He's very pessimistic about the league's future, as it was written in the mid 90s during the American expansion. I've never been able to find his book covering the league from the inception of professional football in Canada to the 60s. Seems to me he's also got another one out, but its title escapes me.

"Robokicker" by Dave Ridgeway (?) is also good; Pinball has a bio published; "Rider Pride" - never seen any of these in a bookstore, just at the public library in my hometown.


That's for the info, I think I am going to look up Huddling up. I can't blame anyone for being pessimistic about the CFL in the mid-1990's I lots interested for a few years after there was talk of Vince McMahon from the WWE owning a team. I thought is this league becoming a circus. I kept seeing his kids at ARGO games. But the CFL IMO has rebounded.


I am partial to "Yards" which was printed in late 1977. Of course it's long been out of print, but if you can get your hands on it, buy it. It's a paper back "coffee table" style book with short essays on each team from local media. The appeal is the colour photography which is amazing, with pics chronicling the '77 season.

Try this one:

[b][u]The Canadian Football League: The Phoenix of Professional Sports Leagues [/b][/u]

I have the 1st edition and enjoyed it.

That looks like an engrossing read xgamer. Thanks for that.

Cosentino's 1st book was Canadian Football: The Grey Cup Years. It's a really great history up to where the Passing Game begins. Upbeat and positive about the future. One great place for books on the CFL is your local university. U of Manitoba had a great collection of books (in the GV section, I think). I'm sure the other major universities in CFL towns will have similar holdings. While you might not be able to check them out (as you have to be a student in most cases), you can usually take them to the reading rooms and read away. My favourites are:

Vince Leah's A History of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (A history by the guy who named the team)
Jack Sulivan's The Grey Cup Story (A more anecdotal history, full of the lore of the GC)
Graham Kelly's The Grey Cup (History as told by the main rivalries in GC games)
Denny Boyd and Brian Scrivner's Legends of Autumn: The Glory Years of Canadian Football (50s and 60s only, but really well done)
Stephen Theile's Hero's of the Game (A game-by-game recap up to the mid-90s)

Aside from Sulivan's (which was from the 70s) Leah's (which came out in 1980), all the others came out after 1995, so you may find them kicking around.
Hopefully we'll see more books in the near future.

He wanted to buy all The Teams move them to the states to make up his XFL ..
Luck for us he Decided to make teams from Scratch
When a Few Owners would not sell .

The McMahon,s would make good owner,s of 1 franchise, deep pockets and experts at marketing.

"Dirty 30" was a real gooder! :rockin:

I just came across this site, which has a fairly long list of books related to the CFL.


Bobby Ackles' and Matt Dunnigan's books were both great. I also like Thrown To The Lions, Dirty Thirty and The 1st 50 Years: BC Lions Football.

Some may notice a trend with those books. I say its just a coincidence. :stuck_out_tongue:

Go Stamps Go! fairly recent book, the history of the stampeders. great read.

I second this entry. We have it at work (I work at a library at UofT) and I had to use it this year to write a paper on Canadian responses to American mass culture, and I used the recent popularity of the CFL and Canadians' disgust with American-based franchises as a prime examples of Canadians rejecting American mass culture. Never in my life have I had such fun writing an essay.

Long story short, great book. Really helpful and really informative.

"Try Goin' Deep" - "Bigger Balls" - "Yards" - "Dirty 30"

I am sorry, but those all sound like 1960s pornographic films. :wink:

Check out, Bigger Balls by former CFL president Jeff Giles. If you've been a fan through good times and bad, this book is about Jeff's term as financial manager for the CFL in the 1990's and what he contributed to get it out of the brink of disaster.
A great read from an insider point of view and unbelievable how bad things were in the 90's to where we are today.
Go CFL!!

I just got my copy of The Canadian Pro Football Encyclopedia which only appears to be available on Amazon.com and not Amazon.ca. The book was printed on-demand in the states, and is authored by an award-winning football historian (Tod Maher) and a football journalist and author (Bob Gill).

Anyway, this is a FANTASTIC resource at 620 pages. It has the complete stats of all 8,310 players who have played in the CFL (and precursor) since 1946! Also included are the stats of every game (including attendance), historical highlights, career leaders, annual leaders, awards winners, and more.

I've wanted something like this for years, because I found it frustrating when I wanted to look up some obscure stat and nothing was available. Well, this book has them all. It will take an honoured place on my coffee table.

This is a MUST BUY for all hard core fans.