A Glimpse of a Past Memory

52 years since this original pennant flapped in the wind on the flag pole of Civic Stadium in Hamilton. (4m X 2m)


Sweet! :thup:

Is that in your garage? If so, what's the story?

Yes, the banner is a classic indeed.
Lions - 10
Hamilton - 21

The '63' Grey Cup...........Best known for the infamous out of bounds hit by Mosca on Fleming that took him out of the game and the feud that started between 'King Kong' and 'Crazy Joe' because of it that's still going on 50 plus years later !!! :smiley: :rockin: Gotta LOVE the CFL !!! :smiley:



I want it. lol

I want those also. lol

No stripes on the ball in 1963. The CFL should borrow an NFL ball and use it once in a while for a retro look when teams wear retro unies. :slight_smile:

Well PTBO, not a lot of story except to say this is the actual 1963 Grey Cup winning celebratory flag that flew over Civic Stadium during every Tiger Cat game of the 1964 season. I guess it was kind of like a bragging rights symbol the league issued. At seasons end it was taken down for the last time and it came into my possession.

It used to be on the wall at my place but nowadays it's simply stored in protective custody (a box) to avoid any deterioration. I don't have a clue how many years pennants exact to this one were flown by Grey Cup winners but having been a Tiger Cat fan since my infancy, possession of this flag has been bonus to my memories of the teams glory years, the1960's.

Once again, great pictures bobo.

For those of you who do not know, we had a fired up thread about the fight. I do not care what took place on stage, there is no reason to hit a crippled man . Kapp is a bully and the cane hit to Kapp would not have hurt a fly.

Let it go Joe , it was 50 years ago and it was NOT a dirty hit.

Nice thread. Great pictures. :thup: