A glance at the 2010 Bombers offense, so far!!

I am finally seeing alot of positives from Mack and the moves he is making are very good for the Bombers going into the 2010 season, i would like to evaluate our talent as it stands right now, lets not forget that there is 3 months until training camp, free agent camps have not started and the NFL and college teams may have hidden talent, let me know what you think.

QUARTERBACKS - Stephen LeFors can succeed under the right system but will have to earn the starting job, Steven Jyles is very athletic and has speed, his accuracy has not been bad when he has played and agin under the right system he could be a solid starter. Ricky Santos and Adam Dimichele are both young, very talented and are very quick to scramble, these are 2 of the most promising QBS in the league. I think we will be just fine in the QB department.

RUNNING BACKS - Fred Reid has established himself as a starter in the CFL but will be pushed by Yvenson Bernard, who is better out in the flat and has better hands than Reid and these 2 will be pushed by Emmanual Marc who is very strong on his feet and very fast, he may just be used as a returner if he sticks around. Another name to look out for is Rafael Little, this kid is young and super fast he will push for a job at training camp, again may be kept as a ST player or returner, and Stepenson will be a ST player as well and very well could be used as a blocker or FB when called upon. I believe we are the most solid team in the league when it comes to running backs.

Offensive Line - People had alot of question marks about the oline and i believe that we will be just fine, we have a solid group of player's returning and this group allowed the least amount of sacks during the last half of 2009. Donnelly, Labatte, Khan, Fritz, Morley, January will be solid once again.

Reciever's - 2 big Canadian bodies like Arthur and Hargreaves adds the strength and height we been so lacking, If Edwards returns to form is a solid 1000 yard reciever, let's hope he can stay healthy, Bowman is young,big and fast and we seen what he could do last season. If Titus Ryan returns he will add amazing speed and solid hands. Brock Ralph is a dependable Canadian and will pull in a few TDS while we have two young guys in Vincent Marshall who is small in stature but is very fast, he may be one of our greatest finds. Luciani is another non import, but will be hard pressed to make the team with canadians Arthur, Hargreaves and Ralph. MY PICK is D.J Hall, i studied this kids stats from college, seen highlights of his play and he WILL be a great reciever and will surprise many, he is still very young and has good size and great hands and speed as well, he is MY PICK for surprise player of the year. Check out D.J Halls youtube vid below, you will see what i mean.

D.J HALLS YOU TUBE VIDEO ----- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pH_idY3JhM0


That's a pretty fair analysis there, blue&gold.

The big question mark facing the team is, I think, at QB.

You have four guys who, so far, have not shown that they are ready to be quality starters in this league.

Obviously the brain trust figures one of them will in fact be ready.

We shall see. One of them has to step up and be the man this season, much like Durant did in Saskatchewan last season. If one does, then you look to be in contention this season. If none of them do, then you're fighting Toronto for last place.

umm atleast we have a qb under contract right now. more than the arblows can say.

keep in mind training camp is like 3 4 months away still.

Yeh, It's only February, as you tell us in every post, and already Mack is the front runner for Executive of the year. Who would have thought the Bombers could already have a Q.B. under contract?? How the heck did Mack fly under the radar so long without every team licking their chops to get him? I see amazing things on the horizon. I mean, a Q.B. under contract in february, wow, genius.

At least we can say we have 4 QB'S under contract which is more than i can say for the Argo's who released there saviour starter (Joseph) and the QB of the future (Pickett), give me a break we have talent locked up fo r the immediate future and 2-3 years down the road, at least we are looking up having LeFors, Jyles, Santos and Dimichele all under contract, while the Argo's still search for the immediate future QB and another future star (Pickett) LOL ... yeah right. We are light years ahead of the CFL'S most embaressing team, the Argo's, have fun in the basement again!!

....that could change pretty quick bluengold....What if the argos pick-up Jackson or Bucky....or they could go after Garcia....Signing anyone of those guys gives them credibility,,,, their d wasn't that bad last year and looks to be pretty well intact compared to ours...Also, looking at our qb stable of 'undeveloped talent'....an acquisition of a credible qb. by the argos, could leave us behind the eight ball... :roll:

Yep… their recieving corps is also majorly upgraded already with the acquisitions of Copeland and Walker… the trio of Copeland, Lucas, and Walker with the young canadians they have there… Cetute being one of them, they already have a credible recieving corps, and if they get a good QB behind their upgraded O-line they will have a good offence next season… and they already have a credible defence as well

There is also some good RB’s available as well as that being an easy position to fill these days

Aside from Fred Reid and maybe Brendan Labatte, the whole Bomber offence is a question mark. A lot of guys, like Bowman, have potential, but are inconsistent. The whole unit needs an overhaul, or at the very least, better coaching. Maybe LaPolice and Baressi will be difference-makers in that regard.

Ranking by position in the East

QB: 3rd - Last
RB: 2nd - 3rd
Receiver: 3rd - Last
O-line: 3rd - Last

D-line: 2nd - 3rd
LB: 3rd - Last
Secondary: 3rd - Last

On top of this, we have lost 3 starters on defence and a starting receiver.

I will wait to see who is brought in for camp. We only have about 50 players under contract right now so expect another 18 or so for the start of camp.

I think with present situation we will be fighting for last place. Our record will be same as last year. Defence will not be same as last year.

The offence will be worse than last year. Jyles is not proven QB and we need starter. Not another 2nd or 3rd string broken down QB. You are right about offence. But Lapolice is not answer. His record is spotty at best.

this shows us all how much you actually know about football

Where do i start with that statement, Bomber offense is questionable with the exception of Reid and Labatte. True we don't know who will be at QB this season and we have little experience in the QB department, but for once we are actually developing talent with JYLES, SANTOS, DiMICHELE and LEFORS and every QB has to start somewhere and under the right offenseive system and not a Kelly Offense one or more of these guys can shine, even LeFors stated he had a hard time figuring out Kelly's system, we have a question mark at QB, yes, but we also have development and promise, to sum it up all these guys will not be flops and LaPo will get the best out of them all, guaranteed.

As for no other talent on offense look at our reciever's, yes most are young but if you actually studied and seen what they can do you would have to be impressed. We have some great Canadian Talent on our team such as RALPH, ARTHUR, HARGREAVES, LUCIANI AND SVEC ... ALL have pretty good speed and great hands and size, and that's just our Canucks. We also have a 1000 yard reciever in EDWARDS (if he stays healthy), a great young top reciever in BOWMAN, another speedster when he returns from the nfl and he is young as well TITUS RYAN, we signed promising reciever's with speed to burn in VINCENT MARSHALL AND D.J HALL AND both have the potential to be big stars in the CFL and that is our roster as it stands right now and there is still 3 months until training camp.

Our O-Line gave up the least amount of sacks in the second half of 2009 and they will be consistant once again AND there is going to be one heck of a fight in camp with the likes of JANUARY, ARMSTRONG, MORRIS, BESTARD, KHAN, MORLEY, FRITZ, LaBATTE, DONNELLY. Again we allowed the least amount of sacks in the second half of 2009 and all those player's are back and have good competition, our OLINE can only get better.

We also have two of the best and most exciting running backs in REID AND BERNARD AND have also signed a couple of other RB'S that are young, promising and really fast, RAFAEL LITTLE AND EMMANUAL MARC. We also have STEPHENSON who is a great blocker and is young, has the potential to be a FB in the CFL.

Our offense has lots of talent and potential, yes they are young and inexperienced, but having a coach such as LaPo who knows how to utilize and develop young talent is a huge bonus. Also every player will work there a$$es off in camp, cause they all want to play team and whoever makes it will work there a$$es off in practices and games cause they all have motivation, something to prove and they want what every player wants, keep there jobs, make an impression on scouts and of course WIN!!

gotta say this, keep it up and youll beat out papa for fan of the year... the blind faith in your posts has reached epic proportions

....I have to agree with you James in that bluengold sure is a positive guy....I've 'sort of' shelved my blue and gold glasses and am questioning some moves made recently by the club...This looks like a total over-haul and quite frankly i'm not expecting a helluva lot this year....We've bottomed out i'm afraid it'll take us awhile to regain our footing....I agree wholeheartedly with bluengolds 'positive take' and hope for our young guns.....but it takes more than a lick and a promise to be a contender in this league...We have lot of potential....but so does every club....It's those seasoned experienced players that make the difference on the successful clubs ... and i don't see a great deal on our team....Coaching and different schemes WILL maker a difference this year....Will it be enough to keep us in the hunt for a play-off....probably if all of bluengolds' positive takes' occur.....I'll wait and see when this team finalizes it's roster for 2010....right now we need some serious additions.. :thup: :wink:

The beauty of the time is that everyone is a contender right now. Everyone is a winner, everyone has great young talent and bright football minds on the sidelines. Nobody has had their hopes and dreams crushed by the reality of actual football games being played. :wink:

My take on the Bombers? Going 9-9 this season will be a success for them, given that the Als will be strong again and the Cats are going to be challenging on the division title. Realistically, I see this squad finishing with seven, maybe eight wins, and not really much of a playoff shot. The offense looks to be better, but I'd argue that the defense has actually gotten worse with the personnel shuffling and Kavis Reed replacing Nelson.


being positive is better than being negative year in and year out, no names but you know who you are.

we all know who they are B&G

guess if you are looking for "name" players then yeah bombers look weak.

our canadian depth is good tho, rosters been updated and our canadian depth is looking pretty good.

thats important to have in the CFL.

im liking our running backs, i like our oline (we need a guard to play opposite labatte)(bestard??,donnelly??, draft pick??)
our receivers need some work.. bowman,edwards,arthur,ralph,hargreaves,svec,marshall,luciani,hall... maybe 4,5 more guys will be brought in i think...

defensively... our dline without gavin walls looks just fine... willis,brown,dsmith,hunt.perry,oramasionwu. (we could use another 2 or 3 guys here) linebackers need some help but im ok with a shabazz,lobo,charlton starting linebacking unit.
jovon is a solid corner (and return man), craver showed last year that he played well, bstewart is a guy who will probably turn some heads this year.... logan is the best or 2nd best safety in the league. We dont look as bad as we think but yeah...

name wise we dont look good.