A Gift For Kevin Eiben

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers would like to present Kevin with this special gift. We think you will find it useful. :lol:

Is Winnipeg still beating this dead horse...?

And you trolled in the Argo forum and brought it up March 13th for what reason????? :roll: :roll: :roll:

That cheap shot Kevin Eiben took cost the Bombers the Grey Cup. That's a good enough reason. We're bitter, and thanks to Eiben we are now the team with the longest streak without the Cup. And on top of that you guys sign Joseph. Don't tell me you're under the cap--the Argos are probably paying players under the table again.
You're a team of cheaters--always have been, always will be. Burn in hell :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Except Sporty isn’t an Argos fan… :expressionless:

Cheap shot? Eiben & Glenn were going for a loose ball. Glenn got injured. It was simply a football play.

Hey, Bishop had his hand broken by a hit from a Calgary player earlier in the season. That's football. Both the Bishop and Eiben hits were not dirty.
That's why you gotta have 2 quality QBs to win in this league. With both Bishop and Joseph wearing the double blue this season, I like the Argos chances at winning the Cup this year.

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