A game the Bombers can't afford to win

Shortly after unanimously approving a letter of intent by David Asper to purchase the Winnipeg Blue Bombers football club, this Board found itself caught in a conflict of interest between the City of Winnipeg, the current owner, and media mogul David Asper, the investor-in-waiting.

While watching the Bombers complete their planned Grey Cup run is the primary interest of the fans, this conflicts with David Asper’s wish to pay the lowest possible price for this club. Buy low; sell high. That’s the mantra of the stock market, isn’t it?

After watching the woeful coaching duo of Doug Berry and Offensive Coordinator Kit Cartwright go 4-12 since the midseason of 2007, President & CEO Lyle Bauer has stated publicly this week that he will do absolutely nothing to improve the coaching situation.

Instead, he sits idly by & allows the Bombers' stock value to plummet to the lowest value in the league. The Bombers currently have a 1-6 record, the worst in the CFL.

It is no secret that Lyle Bauer and other members of the Board want to be an integral part of David Asper’s administration. What better way to get into the good graces of David Asper than to offer him the Bombers for the price of a cup of coffee?

If the Bomber players throw this Thursday's game against Hamilton and lose, the media pressure will be relentless and the (.250) Berry-Cartwright tandem will be gone, giving the Bombers new life & 10 games to make a post season run with new coaching.

If the Bombers win on Thursday, they can expect to go 4-14 or 5-13 with Berry and Cartwright at the controls and forget about the playoffs.

The line on the game is -3.5 for the Bombers. Take the Cats and the points. This is a game the Bombers can't afford to win.

love the hat!

spidey, the team losses money every year they don't host a GC or get a division relocation hand out from the league.

stick to the conflict of interest angles, I think you have a better chance on that one.

The acquisition of the Bombers is a means to an end; it is not an end in itself. The land deal is the prize and there's tons of money in that.

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...the only thing wrong with that land theory spidey, is that the actual land switches from day to day....first the old stadium site...then Point Douglas...who knows where the next suggestion will put them....i would think investors in land deals don't actually like the idea of the 'shell game' when it comes to making money....I quite frankly think the Asper venture and our new stadium idea is almost 'dead' (just my take)...soooooo that would really put a clinker into your 'coup idea' by Asper and the Bomber elite... :roll: :roll:

Interesting points.