A game the Bombers can't afford to win

Shortly after unanimously approving a letter of intent by David Asper to purchase the Winnipeg Blue Bombers football club, this Board found itself caught in a conflict of interest between the City of Winnipeg, the current owner, and media mogul David Asper, the investor-in-waiting.

While watching the Bombers complete their planned Grey Cup run is the primary interest of the fans, this conflicts with David Asper’s wish to pay the lowest possible price for this club. Buy low; sell high. That’s the mantra of the stock market, isn’t it?

After watching the woeful coaching duo of Doug Berry and Offensive Coordinator Kit Cartwright go 4-12 since the midseason of 2007, President & CEO Lyle Bauer has stated publicly this week that he will do absolutely nothing to improve the coaching situation.

Instead, he sits idly by & allows the Bombers' stock value to plummet to the lowest value in the league. The Bombers currently have a 1-6 record, the worst in the CFL.

It is no secret that Lyle Bauer and other members of the Board want to be an integral part of David Asper’s administration. What better way to get into the good graces of David Asper than to offer him the Bombers for the price of a cup of coffee?

If the Bomber players throw this Thursday's game against Hamilton and lose, the media pressure will be relentless and the (.250) Berry-Cartwright tandem will be gone, giving the Bombers new life & 10 games to make a post season run with new coaching.

If the Bombers win on Thursday, they can expect to go 4-14 or 5-13 with Berry and Cartwright at the controls and forget about the playoffs.

The line on the game is -3.5 for the Bombers. Take the Cats and the points. This is a game the Bombers can't afford to win.

Sweet Zombie Jeebus give it a rest. Where are you getting this stuff? The deal to give Asper the team is based on him building a new stadium. Thats it. He isn't buying the team the city is giving it to him if he keeps his end of the bargain. There is no stock price to rise or fall. If he doesn't deliver the stadium then he doesn't get the team

Fair Question.

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....i think your theory spidey has a few loose ends....Asper will take over the team (as his present proposal stands) whether the team is winning or losing...what the hell has numbers in the win column got to do with the price-tag of the team....also...if you were Asper....would you hire anybody, Bauer & co., who ran an operation into the ground... oh yeah..those are the people i really want in my organization....Sorry Spidey..your theory doesn't hold water...nice try anyway....I believe the Bombers have problems BUT not for the reasons you suggest.. :roll: :roll:

A 2008 Grey Cup Championship community-owned team will NOT be handed over to David Asper like a worthless skank on a street corner. Asper would be forced to sweeten the pot to win over Winnipeggers and City Hall to secure his prize, a sweetheart land deal.

However, a worthless, sad-sack bunch of has-beens and losers would be an eyesore to Winnipeggers who have not seen the Cup in 18 years. They and City Hall would practically beg David Asper to take this pathetic team and give him a sweetheart land deal like True North got.

Make no mistake, the Blue Bombers are an intangible asset that can make or break this deal. Bauer is trying to break the team and make the deal. I'll be damned if I let that happen without a fight.

Sooo you list a bunch of articles that agree with my point that the team is Aspers already as long as he builds a stadium and that your point of the teams value going up or down based on wins is irrelevant. Maybe its time for your doctor to adjust your meds?

Maybe it's time to wipe the KY slime from your face, you felching fudgepacker. You'd probably take a knee for Asper personally.

Can a moderator step in here? This is getting out of hand.

...this kind of crap should NOT be tolerated....i can accept a guys point of view and even his way-out take on things...BUT there is no need for that kind of bull$hit spidey... :thdn:

If someone wants to engage in intelligent debate, I will. If someone wants to joke around, that's okay too. But if someone wants to ignore my comments and talk smack instead, I'll carve him/her a new one.

Someone named buttslammer or whatever the hell his name is deserves to get messed up for dissing me like that.

Back to the game...

On paper, it should be a slam dunk. Stegall's back, Roberts found his running legs last week, & Kevin Glenn is back and calling his own plays, meaning they won't be the same old vanilla plays Cartwright faxes to opposing teams the week before each game.

On Hamilton's side of the ball, Juice Lumsden, the human marshmallow, likely won't start nor will $500,000 of wasted air, Casey Printers. Hamilton hasn't won a road game since the Mulroney administration.

There is NO WAY the Bombers should lose this game, but they MUST. They have to b/c if they win, they're stuck with Berry and Cartwright for the rest of the season. Since the other teams figured out the Vanilla Offense a year ago, Berry/Cartwright are 4-12 (25%).

The 2 playoff games were won by sheer determination of the players, not superior coaching. The Grey Cup proved that when the 2 geniuses abandoned the best running game in the CFL and refused to let the fleet-footed Dinwiddie take off and run on his own, opting to go with a 6-pack of plays Saskatchewan knew by the second half. Those 2 clowns should have been sent out on the Windigo Express the Monday following the Grey Cup. Instead, Dumb and Dumber are still here, guiding the Bombers to an abysmal 1-6 record.

Expect a 4-14 or 5-13 record if the Bombers win tomorrow against Hamilton. If they lose, Berry and Cartwright are on the first Greyhound out of town, Bauer steps in, and maybe we get Khari Jones back as an OC or QB coach to help KG get his mojo back with 10 games left in the season.

If you were playing, what would YOU do? Would you go all out, or play sloppy and grab a few face masks in key situations? I know what I'd do. We need that Grey Cup that was stolen from us last year and should do whatever is necessary to get it back. If that means throwing a game, then so be it.

…why would you need to get guys to grab the grill …when you can just buy off a couple of zebras…promise them a job in Aspers organization after they get fired and everything is kosher…wow, i’m i delusionary… orrrrrrr just reading too much of this clandestine smack… :lol:

The real problem is where the truth lies I'm afraid. Here's the problem (as of right now. . . ) zoo' in my opinion, this isn't about "putting up a fight" because nobody really is. What we're really admitting ourselves to is a post-dated funeral. If you can grasp the logic behind it, if you think about what might be at fault here. Again, we're not necessarily taking a circle reinventing the wheel so to speak. In factuality, there is a critical purpose to this which is hypocrytical of us not to notice the issue. The reality is this. . . if you are willing to separate the Bomber's (which I think you are) based on a mortage that Bauer is the adminstrator of, do you not see a return of profit if you decide to sell your home in the future? (I suppose logic would dictate the better of the answer.)

Now here is where you as an example zoo' (like every other fan) fail to stand on one leg. If you gravitate toward the cause, in this case, Bauer's selling of the potential marketability of the Bomber's as CEO (. . .let us assume this is what we can live with. . .) you've essentially given up your intial right to sell your home at what the cost should be. In the future, if you decide to break the mortage agreement, you cannot - because Bauer somehow managed to con you. The way this factors into a -real time- analogy. . . is that once the target of the mortage payment has been established, Bauer seizes full control of whatever the cost of the home you purchased. (Remember, you bought the house at a wholesale mortage price, the list price, then goes up in the future, but because Bauer said "you only need to pay this much" you agreed in principle that he manages every cent of interest no matter the value of the house by the end of the mortage.)

Ya, what he said.

In factuality he didn't say anything

hammerbutt is either a fan of the Riders or voted for Al Golden as city council.

If someone could tell me how much we've established, through the possiblity of a hierarchy structured in the connect the dots world of BoD's boardroom? (I suppose hammerbut would wash his hands clean of it.) It is rather ironic of me to say so, in "factuality."

Sometimes, in hammerbut's case what sounds too good to be true, keeps himself from listening. That's fine by me.