A game I would like to see

I would really like to see a match between our Canadian Womens Soccer team and our Canadian Mens Soccer team. I think the women could make it a good game.

How about a game between the Canadian Olympic hockey teams? or have Raonic play Bouchard in a tennis match? Might be interesting...

I am sure, as I am sure you are sure, that the quality of play between the men and women hockey teams would be too big a difference for it to be interesting. Not so with the soccer teams.

Remember the Battle of the Sexes tennis match between Billie Jean King v. Bobby Riggs? King won that match. A match between Federer vs. Serena would be interesting, not a slam dunk, IMO... but some cases, its a mismatch. I remember in curling, Ed Werenich played a women's team ( I think she went by the name Marilyn(Bodogh) Darte at the time) spotted her a number of points, but still won... it could be that the curling game has changed enough for it to be closer, maybe. It really serves no point to have these kinds of exhibitions or "friendlies".

the BJK/BR thing was a joke.

I believe that the women would have a 50/50 chance of beating the men in soccer.

The point would be entertainment.

Sorry don't mean to sound sexist - but the men's team would easily beat the women's team in soccer for two main reasons. Speed and power - which are a huge part of the game of soccer (unlike some other mainly skill sports like curling).

A number of guys on the men's team would fly right by the women's defenders and with the ability to muscle women off the ball and with the significantly more powerful kicks - it would be no contest.

Eg. Last year the US Women's National team played FC Dallas's Under 15 male team as a warmup game for a game against Russia's women's team and they lost 5-2. They also lost 8-2 to the American Under 17 men's team. In Australia their Women's National team lost to the male Under 15 team 7-0.

Dangle John Herdman above the field in a cage like it's a wrestling match. Winning team gets him.

Seriously though, this would be a ridiculously one sided blowout.

Wouldn't even be close. Men's team would destroy them. Speed and shot/ passing power alone would put the men on top. In goal it would even be fair. The women's keepers don't have the vertical or size to cover the angles. Out paced, out muscled and out gunned in every position.

I have been to a Grey Cup and the World Juniors. I'm good.

If pressed, I could see a CFL game in every stadium but watching them on TV is fine with me.

But what if they played "shirts vs skins" format. The men would still win laughably easily, but it would raise interest in such a match

Our women are among the best in the world. The men are not.

The women have up until now been better coached.

The women are a more cohesive team.

None of that matters. See Pats examples for proof of the best womens teams on earth losing to highschool boys.

Two completely different games and depth of talent pool. They would have trouble just getting the ball down the field. The women's game is notably more slow and passes are short due compared to the men's game. Speed and strength. Set play distances are way shorter in the women's game. Apples and oranges, mate.

our mens team could not beat FC Dallas's Under 15 male team, or the American Under 17 mens team or the Australian Under 15 team.

Our women on the other hand, can beat both the Australian and USA womens team.

I fully understand the advantages men have over women in sports. I know for instance that the womens hockey team would be slaughtered by the mens, even without NHLers playing.

I just think that it is different with the Canadian soccer.

I think you are badly underestimating the ability of Canada’s National Men’s team. Yes they are down around 95 in World rankings - up from 117 in 2016 due to some recent success under the coach that just got fired.

But they would still easily win over the 5th ranked Women’s team.

I would have to see it to be convinced.

FYB, I mentioned that the women's and men's Olympic teams should play each other... most of the men aren't full time NHLers, but they still are paid pros, unless you ask brihind88 who thinks they are not... they can still play in the top league. A game between these two would not even be close. It boggles the mind to think that the women's soccer team could beat the men, even the US women's team would lose to the Canadian men.

yes, I did say that I knew that with Hockey, the women would have no chance. I just think that it could be a different situation with Soccer. The calibre of the mens soccer team is miles below the mens hockey team. John Herdman may change this, but for now....

My understanding is that Canada doesn't produce very good soccer players while even our AHL players in hockey would be above our best in soccer. Probably as well as a CHL all-star type team would be above our best in soccer?

Correct? Hey, I know nothing at all about soccer in Canada and the talent and never will, but that's my impression.

Women's soccer is an entirely different gestalt of course.

I agree that men's soccer is below the men's hockey team, but they would still beat the women's soccer team... its like saying that UBC could beat the BC Lions...