A fun waste of time. Rank ‘Em

Before the “official” rankings come out, its time to beat the “experts” to the punch and have a go at your own rankings. Love it or not, it’s usually as much fun as it is a waste of time.

1 Winnipeg. Enough said.
2. Bc. Reilly isnt a sophomore, like most of the rest.
3. Sasketchewan. Enough talent there to improve record.
4. Hamilton. Same as above.
5. Montreal. Big win will inspire...in every game this year.
6. Toronto. They confuse me. Need to pick a QB.
7. Calgary. They go as Bo goes.
8. Edmonton. Even after loss, better QB than Ottawa.
9. Ottawa. Nice to see them win.

I think BC is seventh at best.

You’re a Lions fan, yes? Every team has fans on this forum (except Winnipeg)
who are disappointed in their sides performance. Way more than in the past.
I am one of them. I don’t think your lions should be seventh.

wait til year end

5 games this week .

A big week for the Redblacks and Argos as they play twice Weds then the Monday .

After this week we could see more clearly where everyone stands going forward in the East .

The east is a beast to figure out. It’s such a weird season for different reasons.
Ive resigned myself to kicking back and enjoying it instead of trying to figure it out.


It's a lot better entertainment when the league is balanced .

The any given Sunday formula is a winner for watching live or on TV .

As long as it's actual performance and not aided by quasi penalty flags I enjoy the games when they are close and competitive .

I am okay with picking wrong if the result is the game was exciting to watch .