A Form of Entertainment


This is how football should be viewed. Some times we take it too seriously and at one time, I was guilty of that too.

But, it's a night out, away from home, like going to the movies. Sometimes the movie is bad, sometimes the movie is good. Lately, the movies in black and gold land, have all been bad, but there must be some good ones coming soon.

Just think how empty our lives would be without the Tiger Cats. Wether we are winning or losing, I still look forward to that 3 hours of weekly ENTERTAINMENT.

That’s the way I’ve always viewed it. I don’t get my shorts tied up in a knot over something like sports.

If ones shorts really were tied in a knot how would one wear them or even attempt putting them on? :wink:

The "Theatre", Opera, Broadway Musicals, Tennis, Golf are entertainment. Football is FOOTBALL! All hail Lombardi!

Well, I think you'd have to enter a zen state.