A Fine time for Mason

Love the toughness Cody but perhaps it is time to rotate Mason in and out a few times for upcoming Ottawa game

Give him some packages and let Cody rest the knee here and there throughout the game

Early in season Do not want to see us lose Cody for later on because he overdid it early.

Please Craig. At least consider….

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Agreeing to a certain extent, but Sask is going to be in a dogfight all season long. I expect Fine will only see the usual action for a backup. About that knee though...

Id like to see Dolegal in the breach, too. I thought he was better than Fine in preseason.

Cody is number one, but you cant survive in the CFL without an experienced/capable backup

While I agree on taking him out/rotating in Fine when the game is well in hand I really really really really really am sick of the "quarterback controversy" question that pops up every time a Rider QB has a bad game or is slightly nicked up. There are legit fans who are NEVER happy with who the Riders have as their starting QB and always seem to think they know better....and the second you sub Fine in they become INSUFFERABLE!

Its like all the hate DD got while QB and I legit wanted to high five...in the face...with a a shovel...all of the whiners.

I literally laughed out loud at this!
I hear exactly what you're saying.

But if Fajardo has a bad wheel, I'd rather he have a chance to heal instead of missing multiple games down the stretch.

Oh trust me I want our little sprinkle of Jesus boy healthy too I just cannot stand the armchair experts that will start calling for us to trade Fajardo the second Fine completes a 8 yard pass or manages a semi proper handoff to Morrow.

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How true.

I hope they have Jason ready for this game, as Cody’s been on the limp of late. Or the tall guy. He actually looked pretty good the bit I saw him.

My big concern, we still have OL issues. 5 sacks , come on, we are I believe the highest sacks against us. This needs to be seriously addressed by staff. Even with Clark, it was iffy. Can't keep a QB clean and with time for reads, we will not make play-offs all alone GC. I think if Cody had time, he would complete alot more passes with less interceptions.

Ya they never have seemed to recover since labbat quit. They have a problem with pass blocking, that’s for sure, and if they don’t fix it they could lose Cody at the rate he’s getting hit. Play after play.

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