A few words of comfort for our CEO

I know life isn't fun anymore for you guys; nobody likes to lose and nobody likes having their noses rubbed in it over and over like puppies that pee on the rug.

It must be doubly tough for you to get out of bed, Lyle. You've given your heart and soul to this team only to have people dump on you--as if cancer wasn't enough of a scourge to bear.

I'm True Blue and I want you to know that I'll always be there cheering for you. And when the time comes that getting out of bed gets too tough for you, Lyle, I'd like to be there with a plastic bag and a helium tank to send you into the next life with a smile on your face.

Keep smiling Lyle! You'll be going home soon.

....It won't be Lyle calling the plays on Thurs. or Cartwrong for that matter......it falls to Glenn according to Berry...IF we have a talent level problem on this team then i would agree, gas the management...BUT i don't think that's the case...One thing we will know for sure after the hammer game...We lose and NOBODY is safe on this team...We'll see????...An Argo team with as bad a record last year, made first place ...maybe this is where the rubber hits the road....orrrrrr some memebers of this team will be doing exactly that :wink: :roll: