A few very tough roster decisions - any thoughts ?

It seems the cats have a few really tough decisions :

1 . Defensive Tackles

With Mackay - Lausher and Keith as locks at the ends we have a battle for 2 DT spots

Seems right now Darrel Adams and Dominic Lewis are leading the battle . Neither impresses me much .

Dickerson ( DE ) , Marcus Lewis , Alex Guerrero , Tinker and MAtt Reid ( DE ) are in the mix as well

and candians Wayne and Reid are in the mix too

anyone have any thughts on these guys

2 . Recievers
Seems Miles and Baumann are locks

with Ponder, WOODS , CARTER , JACKSON, MITCHELL , WALKER , COHEN , RODRiIGUEZ,Knight likeley battling for 4 spots

I see Jackson , Ponder, Carter , and Walker staying with Mitchell on the practice roster

And woodcock , french and lavigne masse battling for two spots ...this is a tough one to call

8) I wouldn't be so sure that Keith is a lock at one DE spot. Dickerson is a more versitile player who can play offence also. That in itself is a big plus for him !!!!

I am sure that several good players will end up being kept on the reserve list and the good old mysterious "Injury List" !!!!!

In the video he looked really explosive coming off the ball. I can see him being used as a pass rushing specialist. It's always a good idea to interchange linemen throughout the game to keep them fresh for winning time AKA the forth quarter.

Those phantom injuries are the worst. No telling when they'll show up or go away. :wink:

I agree about Dickerson. I think we'd be stupid to let Keith go, though. That guy is a beast.

There are going to be some tough decisions. Adams looked good out there on Sunday.

Maybe it won't be so tough. Games have a way of separating the men from the boys.

I have a concern that there does not seem to be a "Home-Run" new candidate anywhere.
I was really excited when the team signed Zemaitis a 4th round NFL pick with a big upside. He was released.
If the biggest excitment comes down to whether we keep French, Woodcock, or Lavign-Masse.
Or, whether Dickerson starts over Keith?
Or, who wins the right tackle spot.

It just looks a little like shuffling the deck chairs, and if that is the case we had better hope that the new coaches make all the difference!

I heard lots of great things last year about JoJo, Alston, Cavil, Ralph and Nate Curry.....OUCH!

Saw Jackson on Sunday and he looked good, He wasn't dressed for tonites came. Is he a lock or just hurt

maybe they're hiding him so Montreal can't see anything of him on film.