A few thoughts

There were just too many breakdowns to even begin to analyze that performance last night so we will just cut right too the chase.

I said in another post that the only hope the Bombers had in this game was to sustain long time consuming drives and keep smilin bank and his cronies on the freezing sideline, well that didnt happen.

Okay Mr. Offensive genius Blue Berry, time for a shake up. Your single back spread receiver set is a complete flop. This team is scoring even less points per game than under the White Zombie of last season.

Its time to go back to the two back set, maybe at least Roberts will have half a chance with someone actually blocking for him. We do not have the talent at receiver to run a high octane passing offense, so either trade for another big play receiver or face the facts. Once Cavil and McCord are back combined with someone close to Stegalls ability you might have something, but until then, get the ball control going because we dont have a hope in hell of outscoring anyone.

we wouldve probably won if they didnt call malborough on the reciever contact and he got the TD int. It wouldve put us up 7-6 and possibly wouldve got em rolling...

Truer words may never have been spoken...Good points Pigseye. Clearly the game plan isn't working with a busted up OLINE and a second rate receiving corps. (My apoligies to Mr Stegall and Mr Stoddard) We need to simplify things until we're healthy...

That game was on the Bombers not the referees. Stop looking through the rose colored glasses.

:lol: :lol:

Would of, could of , should of! :lol:

...it's all very speculative ain't it my son....i wonder what the trade deadline will bring....i think there might be some surprises....Holmes has re-signed with the Cats...so there goes that rumour that he'll be moved....i/m sure the Bombers have got a couple on the back-burner....but i think Taman is afraid to pull the trigger...we'll see 8) :roll: