(1)Can Mass throw long balls instead of short passes?
(2)Can Yeast ever get the guts to take a hit?
(3)Can Reed bring in good DBs to the Hamilton Tigercat Organization?
(4)Can Tigercats brains tell talent from pretenders?

These are a few question the curious Hamilton Tigercats Fans want to know!

...most ticat fans are expecting too much too soon from this team...they will grow into the expectations.

  1. Yes Maas can throw a long ball 44 yards to Brock Ralph isn't a short pass

  2. I think Yeast can but will he step up and get a hit is another story. As I said in another thread part of Football is getting hit and if you can't take maybe your not doing the right thing

  3. I think Reed brought in good DB's but some of them didn't play today I don't know why though

4)Yes they can. The Brains behind the Ticats machine brought in great players they just need to gel

Those are my answers on the questions asked

  1. Is that the first time you’ve seen Maas play?

  2. Can you catch a football thrown to you with O’shea waiting to knock your head off?

  3. Is Reed the gm?

  4. It’s one game, weren’t you one of the ones gawking at our mighty, oh-so important 2-0 preseason record?

My Answers are;

  1. Yes - he is a good qb and will keep getting better as the season goes on
  2. No - and I hope that someone wises up and puts someone else in.
  3. Yes - no reason to doubt that will happen.
  4. Yes and No - while there are some exceptionally talented players on the team, there are some who I just shake my head at. But this question is subject to each persons perception of talent and "pretenders". :wink:


1 - He has never had great arm stregnth
2 - No, We've been through this
3 - Reed doesnt bring in anyone
4 - Every receiver they cut was better than Yeast.

  1. Maas still has a lot to prove. A lot of his passes were not crisp. Time will tell.

  2. If he couldn't he would not be on the team. He has to learn to run in a straight line. He should not be returning punts.

  3. Reed doesn't pick the talent. It is his job to coach them and his ability after yesterdays show is still in serious doubt. Can't play zone if the line is not pressuring the QB.

  4. I have not been impressed with the brain trust for many years and it has shown on the field. This year the offence with Holmes will be very good. Defense still needs work or a good coach.

  5. I know there was no #5 but I am adding one anyway. Marshall should learn to shut his yap. Refs will make bad calls and his constant screaming,yelling and harrassing refs is detrimental to the team. The play that a call is borderline whether to throw a flag or not will only cause the official to throw it just to p*** him off. Same as an plate ump will do in baseball on a border line ball. If I was the ref on the field I would! His professionalism on the field over the last couple of years has always been questionable to me. He should learn to deal with the calls and coach his players in not making those mistakes.


(2)Can Yeast ever get the guts to take a hit?
No. Trade him. We're deep at the receiver postion and teams that are not would be willing to take a chance on him.
(3)Can Reed bring in good DBs to the Hamilton Tigercat Organization?
Reed is the coach, not the talent guy.
(4)Can Tigercats brains tell talent from pretenders?
Well it looks like some talent was brought in. Sure it's only been one game, but why the coaches would start Yeast over some of our other receivers (Morreale who has proven on countless occassions he can catch over the middle, and Ralph). I'd start Brooks over Barenechea, and Bradley over Martin.

But that’s just me.

Oh, and under no circumstances would I have Yeast returning punts, even if Holmes is the running back, GET HIM BACK THERE!

Special teams is one third of the game and can often win or lose a game for you. Yeast has proven that he’ll lose a game.